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December 21, 2016

IAC Collegiate Program Chairman, Jordan Ashley, would like to congratulate and thank all participants in the 2016 competition.

Results from the 2016 IAC Collegiate Competition are calculated for both team and individual categories.

The top performing teams are as follows:
1. University of North Dakota (5227.96/6000.00 = 87.13%)
2. Metropolitan State University of Denver (4111.83/4880...
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December 17, 2016

As I have previously reported, ADS-B Out cannot keep up with aerobatic operations and it shows up “red” in the FAA's performance information, through no fault of the airplane’s operator or the equipment. Eventually, we hope for some sort of long-term fix which will likely be in the publication of additional FAA policy, yet to be decided.

As a follow up to articles in Sport Aerobatics this summer and fall regarding ADS-B Out equipment, we had a good meeting at AirVenture in Oshkosh in July with three FAA people heavily involved in ADS-B at the Washington level, outlining our problems...

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December 13, 2016

Lorrie Penner joins the EAA staff as the IAC Executive Director on January 2, 2017. IAC members - please welcome her when you get a chance.

Lorrie brings superb qualifications to the job and you will find her incredibly easy to work with, dedicated, and deeply devoted to EAA and IAC and our missions and objectives. She currently works as an account manager at Executive Jet Management in Cincinnati and before that, worked in the non-profit field as an executive assistant at the University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center.

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December 10, 2016

A number of our web-based contest functions are now being revised and effective immediately, we request that you list your contest on the IAC website’s Contest Calendar at the following link:

The Contest Calendar is now here: Please update any bookmarks you may have saved from previous contest years. You can...

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December 5, 2016

Some issues were identified in the previously-released Advanced Power Known sequence for 2017. A revised version is now available at:

Note that only Figure 7 has changed.

November 19, 2016

Our library of aerobatic sequences has been updated to include all 2016 Unknown programs, courtesy of Brian Howard, and all 2017 Known programs. Check it out!