The International Aerobatic Club largely runs on the efforts of its volunteers, and this web site project is no exception.

  • Wayne Roberts godfathered the WEB team by setting the overall direction, gathering the team, and acting as liaison to the IAC Officers and Directors. With the foundation work completed and the site ready to deploy, Wayne turned over board level operating oversight to Doug Lovell.
  • DJ Molny set up the server, email system, and did all of the Drupal configuration and programming. (Contact DJ's firm, Diligent Arts LLC, if you are looking for a new or improved web site of your own.) DJ will continue to serve as the IAC Webmaster.
  • Doug Lovell is DJ's designated technical backup and provides editorial oversight. Doug also contributed hundreds (thousands?) of photos for the archives as well as a lot of content including the aerobatic schools database.
  • Lorrie Penner leads the Editing team, which includes Lynn (aka Claudia) BowesTrisha Roberts, and Trish Deimer-Steineke. They updated and curated hundreds of articles from the old web site.
  • Jim Ward led the Look and Feel team, which included Rafael Soldan and Laurie Zaleski. They jointly developed the site design and the IAC Web Style Guide.
  • Margo Chase provided the updated branding (logos, colors, and fonts), and designed the eye-catching Roll With Us and Lifetime Membership marketing campaigns.
  • Trish Deimer-Steineke handles the project financials and contributes content. Trish also kept the old site up-to-date during the overlap period, using software tools dating from the Mesozoic Era.
  • Brian Howard, Gordon Penner, Greg Koontz, Mike Heuer and Rich Stowell all contributed key articles.
  • Bwana Bob Buckley migrated his JaSPer scoring software page to the new site.
  • Thanks also to EAA's IT department for their help with the transition.



This site is built with 100% open source software:

The web pages are created, stored, organized, and rendered using Drupal, one of the most popular and powerful content management systems available today.
The MySQL relational database management system provides data storage and retrieval capabilities for Drupal.
The Apache HTTP Server provides secure, efficient, and extensible HTTP services. It has been the most popular web server on the Internet from 1996 to the present.
The underlying operating system is Linux, specifically Ubuntu Server Edition.
Some fonts provided by Google.