Listen in on EAA Webinars Given by IAC Members!

The IAC has been providing speakers to present material online for the EAA webinar series since June 2011.  IAC member involvement in the EAA webinars brings added value to the EAA webinar series as a club, sharing valuable information about unusual attitude flying and gaining some exposure for the IAC as part of the EAA. Listen in today!

Upcoming EAA/IAC Webinars     Supported by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.


8/15/17  7 p.m. CDT   Your SA Bubble: Understanding Your Flight Envelope     Billy Werth

Aerobatic instructor pilot Billy Werth discusses getting back to the basics of how your wings work. His presentation will explore the flight envelope and how it relates to aerobatic and non-aerobatic flying.

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Interested in being a Webinar speaker? For more information please contact: Lorrie Penner, IAC Executive Director execdir [at] iac.org

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Avoiding the Base to Final Turn Accident

Gordon Penner, master CFI-aerobatics and FAA Gold Seal instructor, presents simple and clear explanations of the elements leading up to a base to final stall/spin accident. This webinar highlights how to recognize and stop these elements, and discusses the true nature of stalls and spins that most pilots have not been taught.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/cebg7s81


  Emergency Bailout Procedures


Allen Silver speaks on all aspects of a bailout including  mental attitude, preflight prep, how to get out of your aircraft, deploy your  parachute, land safely back on earth, and other steps you can take to increase your changes of surviving a bailout.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/8kybf9yh




Basic Recreational Aerobatics

How to do safe, gentle aerobatics whether your aircraft has an inverted fuel/oil system or not. Webinar with Gordon Penner, MCFI-A. 

EAA webinar Archives: http://bcove.me/jmlsf6kv


How to get your own Aerobatic Practice Area (APA)

 Listen in as Darren Pleasance discusses the necessary steps to apply for an APA or contest waiver. Darren is the IAC's Government Relations Representative for the US Western Region.

 EAA Webinar Archives: http://bcove.me/rd7lpw1f


“Upset Prevention & Recovery Training:   All-Attitude Flying Goes Mainstream”

Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), has become the greatest    cause of fatal accident in all classes of aviation.  Randy Brooks discusses    Upset Prevention and Recovery Training.  Listen in to hear how the world of  aviation in general and Sport Aerobatics in particular could be changed by  future requirements for all Commercial Pilots to experience more  comprehensive training in three-dimensional flight.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/9691v03o       


Aerobatics - Getting Started

Three time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion Patty Wagstaff   discusses a wide variety of topics including; finding an instructor, aerobatic   capable airplanes, various disciplines within aerobatics, challenges, and a  variety of aerobatic maneuvers.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/5zb1arln


Competition Aerobatics -  Moving up from Sportsman to Intermediate

Weston Liu helps guide you in determining when to  move up from the Sportsman to Intermediate aerobatic competition category. Tips on evaluating competency will be presented and how to assess your preparedness.Aerobatic Skills Assessment: HERE  

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/3fe3yndt


Maneuvering Safely - Avoiding Loss of Control    

Gordon Penner talks about how the flight controls really work, practical turn knowledge, coordination and coordination exercises, and Stall/Spin avoidance.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/gym9u57e


Don't Let Fear Stall Your Flying

Join Chelsea Stein Engberg as she explainsthat many pilots have an underlying fear of stalls, spins and loss of control.  Come learn more about stalls, spins and the psychology of loss of control accidents and how these issues can be counteracted.

Webinar Archive link: http://bcove.me/tng4gitx


Stick and Rudder Exercises to Improve Your Flying

Jim Taylor shares some exercises that the average pilot can do to improve flying skills, how practicing coordinated & uncoordinated flight can make you a better pilot. Dutch rolls, skidded flat turns, etc, when practiced, will improve your flying.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/2ruebc7m


Aircraft Control in Spins

Ben Freelove gives a detailed look at how control inputs  affect spin characteristics.  The real science behind the aerodynamics of autorotation.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/qzjqplrv


12 Myths about Stalls and Spins- Letting the Facts Fly   

Rich Stowell dispels a “dirty dozen” common myths that unfortunately continue to be perpetuated during flight training. Do slow speeds really lead to stalling? Are slips really as dangerous as skids? Get the facts on these and more!

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/uuddc7ao


Airspace and Communication Essentials

Presenter: Don Weaver, COO and Chief Pilot, Optimal Aircraft.   How not to get hurt, not violate regs and not be that pain to talk to.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/e778jcjb


First Flight

Presenter: Johnny White. Maintenance information on  your homebuilt, plus advice, recommendations and precautions for preparing for the first flight in your home built aircraft.

Webinar Archive Link: http://bcove.me/2szi7l5q