Awards Programs

Through its many awards programs, IAC recognizes members' accomplishments and contributions to the sport.

Achievement Awards for demonstrated aerobatic proficiency, within and outside of contests  
Regional Contest Awards for top-placing flying at regional aerobatic competitions  
U.S. Nationals Awards
      Power Awards
      Glider Awards
for top-placing flying at the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships; some awards are restricted to power or glider categories  
The L. Paul Soucy Trophy honoring the pilot with the best three competition scores, measured across the contest season  

The Charlie Hillard Trophy

presented to the highest placing American pilot at the most recent World Aerobatic Championship.

Non-Flying Awards recognizing members for outstanding contributions to the sport and to IAC  
IAC Open Championship Titles top placing pilot in each category at an IAC Open Championships 

(East and West)

IAC Championships Awards (discontinued) for top-placing flying at the IAC Championships and Championships of the Americas, operated from 1971 to 2000