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Find the IAC Official Contest Rule Book available here in PDF format, free of charge.

2023 Rule Book

Important Notice: Any IAC member or person acting on behalf of the IAC is hereby authorized to copy and print this document for personal or IAC-approved use. Any copy of this document or portion thereof must include this copyright notice. This document may be used for information only and may not be exploited for commercial purposes.

To download the 2023 Rule Book, *Revision A and 2023 Rule book changes summary files, by using the following links. You may also download the pdfs by clicking on the attached files at the bottom of this page.

*During a special meeting on March 13, 2023, the IAC Board of Directors determined that changes to the Starting Line section of the rules are appropriate.  These have been incorporated into the 2023 Rules as Revision A.  The only differences from the original 2023 book are in paragraphs 9.3 and 9.4 (pages 7 and 8), plus the title sheet that denotes the revision letter so if you have already printed the previous version, you only need to swap out those 3 pages.