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April 15, 2016

Preparations for the IAC's theme, " Grass Roots to the Top of the World", during EAA Air Venture will include a full roster of forums at the IAC Pavilion. The forums are scheduled daily from Tuesday, July 26 through Friday, July 26.

In keeping with the theme and the goal of promoting "grass roots" aerobatics, Michael Lents starts off the week with his forum on "Flying the Decathlon" and Dagmar Kress continues the theme with "Basic Elements of Aerobatics". On Thursday with a forum by Patty Wagstaff, six-time...

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April 4, 2016

The following is an advance release of IAC President Mike Heuer's monthly column in Sport Aerobatics magazine for May. It describes the recent decision by the Board of Directors to move the US National Aerobatic Championships to Oshkosh in 2017:

"Since 1972, the United States National Aerobatic Championships has been held at what is now called the North Texas Regional Airport (KGYI). Up until 1971, the airfield was Perrin Air Force Base. After closing that year, it became the Grayson County Airport and first hosted the Nationals the following year.


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April 1, 2016

Reminder to submit candidates for the Annual Non-Flying Awards

Each year, the membership of the IAC nominates outstanding volunteers to be recognized for their contribution to the sport of aerobatics. This is an excellent opportunity to give recognition to an outstanding IAC member who spends their valuable time volunteering for the benefit of many.  Let's recognize our unsung heroes for 2015!


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March 11, 2016

The award was conceived and donated by L. Paul Soucy of Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Soucy was one of the first members of IAC and the Board of Directors. His purpose was to recognize not only skilled pilots but also those who supported a minimum number of contests as well as the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships. He died in 1971.

Congratulations to Kevin Elizondo who is recognized as the IAC competition pilot who achieved the highest percentage of points possible during the 2015 contest season by competing in three or more contests, one of which is the U.S. National Aerobatic...

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March 5, 2016

The IAC Board of Directors will meet at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on 19-20 March 2016. The agenda package for the meeting can be found here:

Member log-in is required to access these pages. Additional documents will be added to this page for download as reports come in from our various volunteers.

March 3, 2016

Judges training is moving into the 21st century!   The Introduction to Aerobatic Judging course day 1 content is now available on YouTube!  The course is broken down into segments, listed below.  Each segment is a video that presents PowerPoint slides.   Some slides contain video illustrating a topic.

For each video segment, there is a quiz on the IAC web site that may be accessed through the Judges Exams page.

The presentations are great preparation for attending a 2016 Introduction to Aerobatic Judging school.  The presentations will also be appearing on the IAC...

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