IAC Director Appointments

At the IAC Fall Board meeting the composition of the board saw some changes. When Rob Holland was elected to the Vice President position it left a Class I director position open. Class I directors are normally elected by the membership in even-numbered years. Bob Freeman has served on the board of director for the last ten years and was appointed to fill this vacancy.

Most recently Bob has been serving on the board in a Class IV position. He was appointed for his expertise in working with the U.S. Aerobatic Teams as a liaison to the board. He will continue that work and will serve out Rob’s term until July 2022.

Class IV are appointed for a 2-year term by the board as needed based on their specialized knowledge or skills that compliment IAC and its goals. Two Class IV positions were open, and the board appointed Craig Gifford and David Martin to fill the vacancies.

Craig has been a member of IAC since 2007 and is currently on the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the world of finance and banking.  David Martin has been an IAC member since 1981 and previously served two terms as a board member from 2003-2007. He has been the IAC Hall of Fame Chair since 2011. He and his wife Martha have been pillars to our sport for many years.

Fellow IAC board members look forward to working with Bob, Craig and Jim and the knowledge they can share from their many years of experience in the aerobatic community.