Charlie Hillard Trophy


The Charlie HIllard Trophy was created by the US Aerobatic Foundation, but is now presented by the IAC. The trophy was conceived to honor the memory of Mr. Hillard's accomplishment of becoming the World Aerobatic Champion in 1972 in Salon de Provence, France. The first  American to capture the title of World Aerobatic Champion.


The purpose of the award is to recognize the highest placing American at the most recent World Aerobatic Championship.


The name of the recipient is received when the final scores from the World Aerobatic Championship is completed. The recipient's plaque is ordered by the Executive Director.


Recipient trophies are funded by IAC and consist of a laser cut plaque with a photograph of the permanent trophy set in the plaque.  The master trophy remains on display in the atrium of the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The plaque is presented at the IAC Annual Gathering Dinner at EAA Air Venture.




1998 - Patty Wagstaff

1999 - Matt Chapman

2000 - David Martin

2001 - Robert Armstrong

2003 - Robert Armstrong

2005 - Kirby Chambliss

2007 - Michael Racy

2009 - Jeff Boerboon

2011 - Goody Thomas

2013 - Rob Holland

2015 - Jeff Boerboon

2017 - Rob Holland

2019 - Rob Holland

2022- Rob Holland