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February 19, 2020

Free Admission for Flying Your Pitts to SUN ‘n FUN 2020 Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Pitts Special

Press Release: Lakeland, Florida: The 2020 SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo will commemorate the 75th...

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February 17, 2020

It’s that time of year again when we can acknowledge and express thanks and gratitude to our generous volunteers.  We honor these volunteers with the following five awards for the 2019 flying season:

Frank Price Cup: The purpose of this award is to recognize the person who has contributed the most to the sport of aerobatics in the previous year. It was created to recognize outstanding individuals in aerobatics and in honor of aerobatic pioneer Frank Price, the first American to compete in the World Aerobatic Championships.

Robert L. Heuer Award:...

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February 14, 2020


Improve your stick and rudder skills with this entertaining course

Sporty’s has partnered with IAC member and airshow performer Patty Wagstaff (IAC9010)  to introduce an all-new course that focuses on the art and sport of high-performance flying. Perfect for any pilot who has ever wondered what it’s like to fly a loop or considered taking an upset recovery course, Intro to Aerobatics with Patty Wagstaff puts viewers in the cockpit for a thrilling look at flight beyond straight and level.

More than just a list of...

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February 12, 2020

Newly edited and formatted applications for the Glider and Power Achievement Awards have been added online to the Achievement Award webpage.  The previous forms had some errors and were outdated, which led to some confusion for applicants. IAC Achievement Award Co-Chairs, Dave Watson and Brittanee Lincoln have revised the forms.

Please start using the new forms effective immediately.

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February 12, 2020

2020 will see the Third Edition of The Texas Championship Series as, once again, the three Texas IAC Chapters (24, 25 and 107) have partnered to sponsor this event.  For those who are new, or have forgotten, here is how “The Series” works.

In order to be in the running for the title of Texas Championship Series Champion the requirements are simple…

  1. Fly at each and every Texas contest
  2. Fly in the same category each time 

Please note from this short list of rules that you do NOT need to live in Texas to participate, you just need to make it to the...

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February 11, 2020

The 2019 Winner of the L. Paul Soucy Trophy is Leigh Hubner of Locust Grove, Georgia.  Originally from Australia, he moved to Los Angeles, California in 2012.

The purpose of the L. Paul Soucy Trophy is to recognize the pilot who achieves the highest scoring percentage at three or more contests during a contest season (best scores averaged together). To qualify, one of those contests must be the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships.

Leigh is an award winning director of photography from Australia based in Los...

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