2023 IAC Rules Revsion A Released

At a recent special meeting of the board of directors, on March 13, 2023, the feedback of many members led to a change in the newly adopted tech inspection process.  With this change the rule book was revised with two changes:

  1. Starters will no longer be asked to confirm with pilots that they have performed a pre-flight prior to each flight.
  2. Competitors will be given at least 30 minutes to prepare for their flight after any contest obligation.

"The only differences from the original 2023 rule book are in paragraphs 9.3 and 9.4 (pages 7 and 8), plus the title sheet that denotes the revision letter, so if you have already printed the original rule book you only need to swap out those 3 pages," said Barrett Hines, Rules Committee Chair. These have been incorporated into the 2023 Rule Book as Revision A. You may download Revision A at: www.iac.org/download-contest-rules.

In addition, the board adopted some changes to the new Aircraft Review and Pilot Document Review forms.  These changes make it clear that pilots are responsible for their own aircraft but drop the requirement that pilots perform the inspection process prior to every flight. The revised Aircraft Review and Pilot Document Review forms are located in the CD Packet online at: www.iac.org/contest-director-packet

Jim Bourke
IAC President - visit iac.org