President's Page - November 2002

by Gerry Molidor, IAC 14825


A delicate issue that has been brought to the forefront in recent years for the competition-minded member is that the categories are getting harder to fly. The term given to this perception is category creep. As president, I am tasked with weighing the merit of these concerns with that of the possible watering down of what the aerobatic achievement was originally intended to be for each level.

President's Page - October 2002

by Gerry Molidor, IAC 14825

Making It Happen

The IAC held the 2002 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships at Grayson County Airport in Sherman/Denison, Texas, the last week in September. It was one of the best ever and largely because of the efforts of Contest Director BJ Boyle, Barb Boyle, and the support of the Lone Star Chapter of the IAC. 103 competitors made the pilgrimage to Texas, and several hundred sorties were flown in absolutely gorgeous weather, which lasted throughout the week. In fact, we had only one day with a few fair weather clouds in the sky.

President's Page - August 2002


by Gerry Molidor, IAC 14825

Bridging the Gap!

When I was president of IAC Chapter 1 in the early 1990s, I was intent on growing our membership. One new member of the Chapter was a gentleman who had a marketing background, at one time worked for Bellanca Aircraft, loved flying aerobatics for the fun of it, had a positive energy, and later turned out to be one of our best presidents. His name is Doug McConnell.


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