2014 Regional Series Update

Nationals data is now integrated into the IAC contest database. (See Integrating Nationals for the ugly details. This was a big job this year.)

The primary impact for now is an update to the Regional Series Results. We'll soon complete computations for the L. Paul Soucy and Collegiate Series, that also depend on results from the Nationals.

The Nationals had an impact on Regional Series results in several places:

  • Steve Johnson joined the fray in MidAmerica Advanced Power, pushing Michael Wild out of third.
  • Blair Mohn strengthened his second place standing in Northeast Sportsman Power.
  • Mike Ciliberti strengthened his first place standing in Northeast Unlimited Power.
  • Sean Van Hatten and Kevin DeVan qualified in Northwest Sportsman Power, now at first and second place.
  • Doug Sowder strengthened his first place standing in NorthWest Advanced Power.
  • Paul Thomson and Douglas Jenkins strengthened their first and second place standings in SouthCentral Sportsman Power.
  • Mike Plyler, John Owens, and Tom Rhodes all qualified to make a competition in SouthCentral Intermediate Power. They're named here in current order of standing, first to third.
  • Bill Denton qualified in SouthCentral Advanced Power, second place to Mike Forney
  • Jim Wells and Chuck Cohen qualified in SouthEast Intermediate Power at first and second, pushing Johnny Wacker down to third place.
  • Steve Johnson qualified in SouthEast Advanced Power at third place. Stan Moye and Marty Flournoy added to their record in that contest, but did not alter their first and second place standings.
  • Margo Chase qualified in SouthWest Advanced Power, pushing Tom Myers out of third place.

Congratulations to the pilots who qualified for or improved their Regional Series standings at the 2014 IAC U.S. National Aerobatic Championships