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April 27, 2020

Due to Guidelines issued by the CDC for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) some judge schools and contests are cancelling or rescheduling their events. Please check the IAC Judge School Calendar and the IAC Contest Calendar before you travel.

Updates from March 16 through May 11:



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April 17, 2020


April 17, 2020 - One of the unfortunate fallouts of the current coronavirus situation is an opening for online scammers to alter their messaging to disguise their activity as an alleged way to help health workers, law enforcement, or other front line workers.

If you as an EAA member or chapter leader receive such a request supposedly from EAA headquarters or an EAA official, do not respond to it or open any links. It is a scam. It may contain a subject line such as “SUPPORT THE FRONTLINERS AGAIN CORONAVIRUS” or something similar....

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April 10, 2020

Hello, IAC members, it is time to nominate our 2020 slate of officers and directors. Nominating petitions are due TODAY - April 10. Voting will be done electronically on the IAC website, beginning June 24, voting ends on July 21, results will be announced. New officers and directors will be installed at the close of the IAC Annual Membership Meeting at AirVenture in Oshkosh on July 24, 2020.

Positions to be filled are President, Secretary, and three Directors. Directors are elected "at large", not by region, and are then assigned a region after they're elected. If...

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April 2, 2020

Calling all non-current Regional and National Judges!  
The Covid crisis will not last forever and when the delayed contest season starts you will want to be ready!  

To make up for the cancellation and delay of Judges Schools we plan to hold an all day Practical Aerobatic Judging webinar.  The EAA will be our host and DJ Molny, Steve Johnson, Hector Ramirez, and Wes Liu will be your tag-team presenters. 

Judges who need to attend a Judges School for currency can participate using their computer, the largest computer screen that they have access to, the...

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April 2, 2020
For Immediate Release
Lakeland, Florida: For over 45 Years, SUN ‘n FUN has brought millions of aerospace professionals, businesses, supporters and enthusiasts together each spring to celebrate the incredible wonder and limitless opportunities of flight. In 2014, we proudly unveiled that the annual SUN ‘n FUN event would become the primary fundraiser for the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE), our STEM-based learning campus created to...
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March 26, 2020


By Jack J. Pelton, EAA CEO and Chairman of the Board

March 26, 2020 - My fellow EAAers, I’m writing this to address the status of AirVenture Oshkosh 2020. Today we are still planning on having the event beginning July 20, 2020.  In that context, I wanted to let people know how we’re approaching the planning process for AirVenture, and to...

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