IAC Pavilion Forums Line up - AirVenture!

Preparations for the IAC's exhibition theme, 25th One Design and 45th Acro Sport Anniversaries, during EAA Air Venture will include a full roster of forums at the IAC Pavilion. The forums are scheduled daily from Tuesday, July 24 through Friday, July 29, 2018. See scheduled times below.

Highlighting the exhibition theme, Dan Rihn will give a forum on Wednesday morning entitled, "One Design DR-107".  Dan Rihn will talk about events leading up to and designing a new aircraft to create a new class for the IAC (International Aerobatic Club). From this concept, the One Design was born, an aircraft that the pilot could build at a relatively low cost and fly competition aerobatics.

Check back as the final forums slots will all soon be confirmed.

Tuesday, July 24
8:30-9:45am           Allen Silver  -  Emergency Bailout Procedures & Survival Equipment for Pilots
10:00-11:15am       Bill Finagin  -  Spins and Recoveries from “Out of Control “ Situations
11:30-12:45pm       Dagmar Kress  -  Basic Elements of Aerobatics

Wednesday, July 25
8:30-9:45am           Jeff Granger  -  Seventeen Years of Extras
10:00-11:15am       Dan Rihn  -  One Design DR-107 the Origins and Legacy
11:30-12:45pm       Philipp Steinbach  -  Building the Gamebird GB1
1:00-2:15Pm           Ben Anderson - The YAK-110 Build

Thursday, July 26
8:30-9:45am           Budd Davisson - Vintage Homebuilt Biplanes: Aerobatics on the Cheap or Financial Black Hole?
10:00-11:15am       Michael Church - Slow Flight, Stalls, and the FAA
11:30-12:45pm       Michael Lents -Ready Pilot 1 - Leveling up with Aerobatics
1:00-2:15 pm          Gordon Penner - Having Fun with Recreational Aerobatics

Friday, July 27
10:00-11:15am       Aaron McCartan - Get Ready for the World! - USA Advanced Team
11:30-12:45pm       Jim Bourke -  Flight Simulations, New Technologies for Aerobatic Pilots
1:00-2:15 pm          Marion Harris and Ross Ferguson - Meet the Yak 52: Primary Aerobatics to the Worlds