IAC Forums Tuesday July 25th

Join us at the IAC Pavilion for the forums on Tuesday, July 25, 2017;


8:30-9:45am  |  Dr. Mark Ciaglia/ Lynn OJala  | The Untold Adventures of Building and Flying the Christen Eagle II

Lynn has been a pilot since 1979 and has logged over 1,500 hours

of Christen Eagle flight time. She holds an Experimental Repairman

Certificate for both of her Eagles.

Lynn and her late husband, Denny, built two Christen Eagles together.

She will discuss her unique and heartwarming story of a husband and

wife team with a dream.









Mark was a 6 year old boy when he saw his home turn into an airplane factory. 

Mark is an Eagle pilot with 300 hours total time with over half of that in his Eagle.

Hear about Mark’s adventures of building a Christen Eagle through the eyes of

a young boy and how he brought a family heirloom home after 21 years.













10:00-11:15am  |  Gordon Penner  |  Recreational and Beginning Aerobatics

Gordon is a Master CFI-Aerobatics and FAA Gold Seal instructor. He flies professionally for a cargo carrier in a Boeing 767 and has over 13,000 of flight time.

International Aerobatics Club member Gordon Penner discusses getting started in aerobatic flight an how to do safe, gentle aerobatics whether or not your aircraft has an inverted fuel/oil system.









11:30am-12:45pm  |  Dagmar Kress  |  Basic Elements of Aerobatics


Dagmar is an International World Aerobatic Champion who has competed for

the United States and also for Germany — where she is from. She is a certified

flight instructor, and has been involved in aviation for about 30 years.

Join Dagmar as she discusses the elements that make up the basic aerobatic

figures; horizontal and vertical lines, loops, rolls, spins and hammerheads.

Most aerobatic figures are composites of these basic maneuvers.