2018 Air Venture - IAC Exhibition

EAA AirVenture - July 23rd - 29th, 2018 - Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA

Come Celebrate!

The 25th Anniversary of the One Design DR-107

The Rihn DR-107 One Design is an American aerobatic homebuilt aircraft that was designed by Dan Rihn and first flown in 1993. The One Design is a single seat aerobatic monoplane specifically designed for aerobatics (recreational and competition). The DR-107 came about when monoplanes began to appear in greater numbers in aerobatic competition. Dan Rihn decided to design a new aircraft to create a new class for the IAC (International Aerobatic Club). From there, the One Design was born, an aircraft that the pilot could build at a relatively low cost and fly competition aerobatics. The DR-107 One Design soon began proving itself with its high horsepower engine, fast roll rate and the ability to sustain very high G-loads. For this role it is stressed to +/-10g.

The International Aerobatic Club will feature the history and the development of the One Design in its pavilion on the AirVenture grounds. Six exhibit panels will tell the story of this iconic aerobatic aircraft and the pilots who flew it. A forum on the One Design will be held at the IAC pavilion on Wednesday, July 25th, from 10:00 am - 11:15 am. The forum will be presented by its designer, Dan Rihn.

On Wednesday evening from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm, prior to the night air show, Dan Rihn will host a gathering of One Design pilots and builders at the IAC pavilion. 25th Anniversary activities sponsored by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.



The 45th Anniversary of the Acro Sport

The Acro Sport is a single-seat aerobatic sportsplane designed by EAA Founder and President Paul Poberezny in the early 1970s for homebuilding. It was designed to meet the demand for aerobatic competition aircraft that could be easily built and which had gentle and docile handling characteristics. It was one of several designs that Poberezny created over the years for the sport aviation community.

The Acro Sport offers performance and excellent aerobatic capability in the Sportsman and intermediate categories. Purposely uncomplicated and straight forward, the Acro Sport design has been chosen by hundreds of schools for Project Schoolflight programs. It has a wide landing gear which provides superb ground handling and easy landing qualities.

The Acro Sport is a short-span biplane of conventional taildragger configuration, typically built with an open cockpit and spatted main undercarriage. Its structure is a fabric-covered, steel tube fuselage and tail group, with a wood wing structure.

Dates and Time

EAA AirVenture will run on the following dates:

Monday, July 23 through Sunday, 29 July 2018

The IAC Pavilion at AirVenture will operate as follows:

Daily from 0800 to 1900 Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Arrival by Aircraft

The NOTAM which describes AirVenture arrival and departure procedures is available for download as follows and is linked at the bottom of this article as well:


IAC members arriving in their aircraft will be directed by EAA Parking personnel to the "IAC" parking area, which includes the One Design arriving for the 25th Anniversary and the Acro Sports arriving for the 45th anniversary. IAC Parking is directly across from the IAC Pavilion with the One Design and Acro Sport parking segregated from the rest and along the road which runs north-south in front of the IAC Pavilion.

Pre-Registration for One Design:  Click HERE

Pre-Registration for Acro Sport: Click HERE

Pre-Registration for other aircraft types: Click HERE

The NOTAM describes the sign that pilots should bring in their airplanes with “IAC” printed in bold letters. This sign will be shown to EAA Parking personnel so they can direct you to the IAC parking area. It is a simple and efficient system for printing and carriage in your aircraft. Pdf of a sample sign is attached at the bottom of this page for printing.

IAC Forums and Seminars

A full range of seminars and forums will also be held during the course of the week. Seminars will take place at the IAC Vicki Cruse Memorial Pavilion from Tuesday, July 25 through Friday, July 28 starting each morning at 8:30am.  A full schedule can be found HERE.

IAC Member Gathering – EAA Nature Center

IAC will host its annual “IAC Member Gathering” in the EAA Nature Center, adjacent to the AirVenture convention grounds. Date and time are as follows:

                                  Friday, July 27th - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Food, beverages, camaraderie, fellowship, and conversation are on the agenda. IAC members, sponsors, One Design and Acro Sport owners and pilots are invited.

The Nature Center is located east of the Museum and Pioneer Airpark as shown in the diagram and is accessed from Waukau Avenue.

execdir [at] iac.org (subject: RSVP%20for%20the%20IAC%20Member%20Gathering, body: I%20will%20attend%20on%20Friday%2C%20July%2027%2C%206-8pm.) (RSVP HERE for the IAC Member Gathering)


IAC Aircraft – Bring Your Own Tie-Downs

All aircraft must be tied down and EAA Parking advises us that the best solution is to bring your own tiedowns. Tiedowns are available commercially at the AirVenture site and loaners are also available from EAA, but these sources cannot be counted on if arrivals are “after hours” or supplies run low. Please plan to bring your own equipment. EAA has the “Claw” tie-down device on sale and comes highly recommended.


After Arriving

After being directed to the IAC Parking area by EAA Parking personnel (showing them your “IAC” sign will assist them), pilots should proceed to the IAC Pavilion to check in with IAC personnel, let us know you have arrived, and to sign our Guest Book.

All aircraft should be registered with EAA Aircraft Registration as well and directions will be provided at the IAC Pavilion if you are not familiar.


IAC PARKING PLAN (IAC Pavilion indicated by arrow)