International Aerobatics Day


Enjoy the skill, beauty and excitement of aerobatic flight as it is celebrated around the world and at an airport near you!

International Aerobatics Day will be held on the fourth Saturday of June, in continuation of last two years successful events.  Mark your calendars and reserve June 24 for a worldwide celebration of aerobatic flight!

We ask all aerobatic enthusiasts to make plans to share their passion for the sport of aerobatics no matter where they live.

Watch for more information on International Aerobatics Day in the months ahead! There will be a wide variety of events including practice days, competitions, barbecues, community gatherings, static displays of aerobatic aircraft and seminars.

Many IAC chapters in are in the process of confirming their plans. As of June 8, 2023, below are the chapters that have confirmed activities will be held on June 24. Check back for updates.

  • IAC One - Cookout and Practice Day, Dekalb, Illinois (KDKB): Event Link
  • IAC 3 - Meet and Greet, Williamson, Georgia (GA2): Event Link
  • IAC 26 - Practice Day and Lunch, Lancaster, California, (KWJF) Event Link
  • IAC 34 - BBQ and Practice Day at Bellefontaine, Ohio (KEDJ): Event Link
  • IAC 35 - BBQ and Practice Day at Concord, New Hampshire (KCON) : Event Link
  • IAC 58 - POSTPONED FOR WEATHER Practice, Critique and a hangar party, Tunkhannock, PA (76N) Event Link
  • IAC 67 - Apple Cup Aerobatic Contest, Ephrata, Washington (KEPH) 2023 Contest Link
  • IAC 80 - Midwest Aerobatic Championships (KSWT): 2023 Contest Link
  • IAC 88 - Practice Day, presentations and Static Display, Romeo State Airport, Michigan (D98) Event Link
  • IAC 107 - Practice Day, Hondo, Texas, South Texas Regional Airport (KHDO) Event Link
  •  IAC 139 - Celebrate Aerobatics with us! Spanish Fork Municipal Airport, Hangar 107, Utah (KSPK)  Event Link           
  • San Diego Local Pilots - Introductory Akro flight by local CFIs. Gillespie Field. El Cajon, Ca (KSEE) Event-Link
  • Specialized Aero Works, Bend Oregon - A Day of fun and education on aerobatic joys and benefits Event Llink

Looking for a flight school that teaches Aerobatics or Upset Recovery Training? Check out the flight school listings: 

See our photo gallery from 2022 International Aerobatics Day!  LINK


Can't get out to the airport? Listen in to these webinars:


JUNE 19-24,2023

We are celebrating online in the week leading up Aerobatics Day with some of our favorite archived webinars as well as two LIVE webinars. Check these out!

June 19           Archived  Jim Bourke, IAC President  Your First Aerobatic Plane          

Jim discusses considerations in choosing the right aerobatic plane for you. His presentation will include answers to this common question: What is a good aerobatic aircraft to step into that won't be too limiting or boring too quickly, but also not too overwhelming to start in? LINK to Archive HERE(link is external)

June 20 LIVE!                   7:00 PM - 8:30 PM CDT Gordon Penner    MCFI-A, FAA Gold Seal Instructor How to Celebrate International Aerobatics Day We will talk about how to get started in aerobatic or unusual attitude training. Video of some basic aerobatic figures from inside and outside the cockpit will be shown such as a loop and a roll.  JOIN WEBINAR  
June 21 Archived Susan Bell,                IAC Chapter 26 President and competitor  Competition 101

Susan will present a beginner's guide to the sport, no prior knowledge required. She'll dive into the aerobatic competition, including the Aresti language, basic rules and concepts, and the aerobatic box. Learn how to get involved with IAC, whether you're interested in flying inverted or not.  LINK to Archive HERE(link is external)


June 22 LIVE!

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM CDT Patty Wagstaff, IAC member, 3-time US National Aerobatic Champion International Aerobatics Day - What's it all about? This webinar covers all the fun of how to celebrate aerobatics — from finding a celebration near you on Saturday, June 24, to how you can get started in aerobatics. Patty will describe the joy of aerobatics and how to get involved.  JOIN WEBINAR 
June 23 Archived Cecilia Aragon, engineering professor, CFI, and US Unlimited Aerobatic Team pilot Rolling Fear Upside Down with Aerobatics
Cecilia talks about three ways aerobatics can help anyone overcome fear and become a better pilot—as well as her personal journey from timid child to the World Aerobatic Championships. LINK to Archive HERE(link is external)


Join the IAC! Roll with us!


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Dates and Times
Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 02:00 - Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 11:00