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Pilot Makers Advanced Flight Academy


2002 Airport Road, Heber City, UT, 84032, USA

Contact Person: 

Barry Hancock






Super Decathlon, Pitts S2C, North American T-6G


Pitts Checkouts, T-6 checkouts, Tailwheel endorsements, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, Basic Spin Training, Advanced Spin Training, Beginning and Intermediate Aerobatics, Competition Aerobatics


36U - Heber City, UT


Barry Hancock - CFI (all aircraft - holds Level II Statement of Aerobatic Competency waiver and active IAC competitor) Kevin Maheu - CFI (very experienced Super D and T-6 instructor plus 16 years of firebomber experience!)


Come learn in one of the most scenic settings in the country. Just 20 minutes from Park City and 40 minutes from Salt Lake City. Put the fun back into flying, increase your confidence, skill, and safety in our legendary aerobatic aircraft. Let's FLY! 10% discount on all training for IAC members.