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Vxperts Aviation


9100 Republic Airport, Route 109, Farmingdale, NY, 11735, USA

Contact Person: 

David Windmiller


(516) 586-8787


(516) 586-8777




Extra EA-300


Principles of UPRT Intermediate UPRT Advanced UPRT Intro to Aerobatics Customized courses available




David Windmiller, Former United States Unlimited Aerobatic Team Member


More and more time is spent during training on learning today's sophisticated avionics. Therefore less and less time is spent on basic flying. Simulators work well for teaching and practicing aircraft malfunctions as well as flight characteristics of aircraft up to and at stall conditions. Only in actual aircraft can a pilot encounter true stall and spin characteristics. Proper feedback is necessary for establishing muscle memory actions for safe reaction in actual emergencies. Contact us for information on custom programs tailored specifically to your needs. We can host pilots at our facility at Republic Airport (KFRG) or arrangements can be made to complete flight and ground training at the customer's own facilities.