Hall of Fame 2002 Bill Thomas


2002 - Bill Thomas


The following is from the January, 2003 issue of “Sport Aerobatics” announcing the inductees into the International Aerobatic Club Aerobatic Hall of Fame.


Bill Thomas’s interest in flying began when he was about 6 years old, with rubber band models. This soon led to free-flight gas models and later to full-size aircraft.

By the time Bill had finished high school, he had a commercial pilot’s certificate, and a flight instructor’s rating. World War II was in full swing, and he found himself teaching Army and Navy pilots.

Hall of Fame 1998 Harold Neumann


Harold Neumann


Aerobatic Hall of Fame – Inducted in 1998


By John Morrissey IAC 3238


Harold Neumann was active in aerobatics for 50 of his 65 year involvement in aviation. An Illinois farm boy, he taught himself to fly. In 1935, he won the Thompson Trophy Race and the Grieve Race. He was then awarded the Collier Trophy for outstanding aviation accomplishments and named “Air Race Pilot of the Year.” During his days as a barnstormer, he flew an OX-5 Travel Air.



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