Hall of Fame 1989 Robert L. Heuer

1989 – Robert L. Heuer

Included here are two “Sport Aerobatics” articles about Robert L. Heuer. The first is by son and later IAC President Mike Heuer on the occasion of Bob Heuer’s induction into the International Aerobatics Hall of Fame in 1989. The second is by Carlys Sjoholom in the 8 January, 1995 issue.


Aerobatics Hall of Fame

Induction Ceremonies - 1989

Hall of Fame 1988 Mike Murphy


1988 Mike Murphy


By Dr. Richard Rihn


Each pilot who flies aerobatics owes a debt to those pioneers who preceeded us. No one of us created the knowledge we now display without having the hard earned lessons of our predecessors given to us by someone, in some manner. Many of these pioneers have been honored by induction into the International Aerobatics Hall of Fame. These short biographical sketches will help each of us to better understand the roots from which we spring.


Hall of Fame 1988 Marion Cole


1988 Marion Cole


Included here are two articles about the incomparable Marion Cole. Both are from “SPORT AEROBATICS” magazine. When viewing his accomplished and varied career it becomes clear that Marion Cole is one of the great pioneers of American Aerobatics.


Fame Night (1988)



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