Free Knowns Published for Nationals 2016

The Free Knowns submitted by last night’s deadline are now online at the IAC website. Please go to the following link:

Click on “Free Known Sequences” and the webpage will fill with small thumbnails of each pilot's Free Known. You can then click on the thumbnail to download a PDF of the sequence. The PDF provided is the Form B only, with the table of catalogue numbers and K-factors. All pilots have been provided a PDF which contains the Forms A, B, and C that you will need to copy and provide the Nationals Registrar in the quantity required. Please do not come to the Nationals and expect these Forms to be copied by the Registrar.

As a reminder, the following number of copies are required by Registration:
10 Form A's; 20 Form B's 20 Form C's

By providing you with these Free Knowns on the web, we are offering you an “inspection period” similar to what is required by the IAC Official Contest Rules for regular Free Programs. The sequences can be protested in accordance with those sections in the rules which will be applied in the same way we do Free Programs.

Many thanks to all of the pilots who have cooperated in this process, as it is new this year, and also to Brian Howard who checked all of the Free Knowns and provided feedback to the pilots when necessary. Brian also went the extra mile and cleaned up the forms so they have the maximum readability by the Judges and are uniform in appearance.

See you at the Nationals in just a few days!