2023 National Point Series Championship Results

"The Leo" - National Point Series Championship
By Bob Freeman, IAC 8532

The 2023 season saw an increase in pilots meeting the 
3 region criteria for competing for the National Point Series Championship and the Annual Leo Trophies.   As a reminder, the NPSC is a National point series comprised of ranking points for pilots that fly in at least 3 different IAC regions.   
It is no small commitment to fly in 3 different IAC regions and this series recognizes those who rank highly in doing so across the nation.  Pilots meeting that criteria are ranked at the end of the season by adding the ranking points they earned in their best contests in those 3 regions.  NPSC titles and trophies are awarded in Primary, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited.  Bob Freeman, Tim Just and Tom Rhodes sponsor this series and trophies.  
National Point Series Championships "The Leo"

This year, we did not have any Primary pilots that flew in 3 regions, sadly after having eight pilots that flew in 2 regions needing only one more contest to qualify.  Maybe next year?

In our biggest category, one Hundred Eleven Sportsman pilots flew in IAC contests this year!  Eleven of those pilots flew in two regions and two pilots flew in 3 regions.  This year's NPSC Sportsman winner is Mark Haven (1.394 NPSC points). Mark flew in the Ohio Fall Frolic (MA), James K Polk Invitational (NE) and the Mark Fullerton Memorial Bear Creek Bash (SE).  Richard Corredera finished second this year (.509 NPSC points).

Fifty-three Intermediate pilots flew in IAC contests in 2023.  Of those, twelve pilots flew in two regions and three pilots flew in three regions.  This year's NPSC Intermediate winner is Jerry Esquenazi (2.68 NPSC points) who flew in the James K Polk Invitational (NE), the Mark Fullerton Memorial Bear Creek Bash (SE) and the US Nationals (SC).  Second place went to last year’s winner, Leigh Hubner (2.22 NPSC points) and 3rd place to Corey Gerulis (1.77 NPSC points).

Sixty-two Advanced Pilots flew in IAC contests this year. This is a great turnout considering that many of these Advanced pilots spent a lot of time preparing for the 2023 WAAC that was held in October in Nevada.  Of these, eleven pilots flew in two regions and six pilots flew in three regions.  This year’s NPSC Advanced winner is Stan Moye (1.8 NPSC points) having flown in the Ohio Fall Frolic (MA), the US Nationals (SC) and the 86th Sebring and 1st Christmas Bash (SE).  Stan narrowly edged out 2nd place finisher Dave Taylor (1.757 NPSC points).  Third place went to Ekaterina Volkova (1.464 NPSC points).  

We had 21 Unlimited pilots enter contests across the country this year, only one of which flew in three different regions.  President Jim Bourke is the inaugural NPSC Unlimited winner (1.783 NPSC points) having flown in the Corvallis Corkscrew (NW), the Snowbird Classic (SE) and the US Nationals (SC) contests.  The remaining 20 pilots flew in either one or two regions.  
2023 NPSC winnersSummary
Sportsman -     1st: Mark Haven                  2nd: Richard Corredera  
Intermediate - 1st: Jerry Esquenazi           2nd: Leigh Hubner                     3rd: Corey Gerulis
Advanced -       1st: Stan Moye                     2nd: Dave Taylor                         3rd:  Ekaterina Volkova
Unlimited-        1st: Jim Bourke

Per P&P 227
1st Place winners get Trophies, Recognition letters and stickers along with announcement in the magazine and names added to the permanent Leo trophy.  2nd and 3rd Place winners get Recognition letters and stickers and announcement in the magazine.  

Congratulations to everyone on a successful 2023 season!   For those on the fence about flying a third region, just do it!