2023 Regional Series Winners Announced

The final scores have been tabulated for the 2023 Regional Series Competition. Seventy-seven (77) pilots successfully competed at three or more contests needed to qualify in their respective region.

The IAC awards first, second, and third-place titles in all categories in each of six regions. Each pilot flies a three-contest minimum with the Nationals as a wild-card. The average of the three best contests flown in a region are used to arrive at a total percentage.

Primary: 1st Justin Miller 
Sportsman: 1st Tim Taylor, 2nd Kelly Fawcett, 3rd Dick Swanson
Intermediate: 1st Justin Hickson, 2nd Leigh Hubner, 3rd Nathan Ruedy
Advanced: 1st Luke Penner, 2nd Ryan Chapman

Intermediate: 1st Jerry Esquenazi, 2nd James Spaller, 3rd John Shavinsky
Advanced: 1st David Taylor, 2nd Ron Mann

Primary: 1st  Steven Litsky 
Advanced: 1st  Neil Harris, 2nd Jerzy Strzyz, 3rd Miles Crane 
Unlimited: 1st Peter Gelinas

South Central: 
Primary: 1st Olivia Yeiser, 2nd Scott Beadle, 3rd Benjamin Buell
Sportsman:1st Wayne Forbes, 2nd Andrea McGilvray, 3rd Jaret Burgess 
Intermediate: 1st Gretchen Knox, 2nd Kelly Murphy, 3rd Ethan Smith
Intermediate: 1st Doug Jenkins, 2nd Jamie Treat, 3rd John Farrington
Advanced: 1st Craig Fitzgerald, 2nd Darren Behm

Primary: 1st Adro Begrow 
Sportsman: 1st Mark Haven
Intermediate: 1st Jerry Esquenazi, 2nd Leigh Hubner, 3rd Nathan Zieman
Advanced: 1st Kyle Collins, 2nd Brittanee Lincoln, 3rd Marty Flournoy
Unlimited: 1st Craig Gifford

Primary: 1st Steven Fraiser, 2nd Jessica Hackler 
Sportsman: 1st Phillip Gragg, 2nd Jennifer Watson, 3rd Chris Harrison
Intermediate: 1st Brooks Mershon, 2nd Pawel Miko, 3rd Bret Davenport
Advanced: 1st Yuichi Takagi, 2nd Hiroyasu Endo, 3rd Tom Myers
Unlimited: 1st AJ Wilder, 2nd Dave Watson

Southwest Glider: 
Sportsman: 1st Robin Simmons, 2nd Greg Borovykh