2024 Sequences Approved - Update

At their meeting in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on November 11-12, the IAC board of directors approved the recommend Known Compulsory sequences for both power and glider categories for the 2024 contest season.

The sequences attached at the bottom of this page were prepared by the sequence committee. The committee recommended using the same Primary Known from last year. 

All Sequences went through the 30-day member comment period and although there were very few comments (6 total with only 2 having recommendations and 4 being complementary of the sequences), recommendations were fully considered.

  • The Primary Power sequence remains unchanged from last year.
  • The Sportsman Power has been test flown by a 115hp Citabria, 150hp Decathlon and various other higher performance aircraft. The recommended sequence was adopted with the exception of the 2x4 in Figure 5 will now be a half roll. (B form only - revised sequence coming soon.)
  • The Intermediate Power has been test flown by a 150hp Decathlon, 180hp Decathlon, and other higher performance aircraft.
  • The Advanced Power has been test flown by a One Design, Pitts S-2B, Pitts S-2A, and various other Higher performance aircraft.
  • The Unlimited Power has been test flown by a S-2B, a One Design, and an Extra 330SC.
  • The Glider sequences were constructed by the Glider community and Primary through Unlimited glider sequences were all adopted as presented.

The Sequence Committee:
-Rob Holland
-Adam Cope
-Mike Ciliberti
-Matt Dunfee
-Shad Coulson

Please note - the Primary, Advanced and Unlimited Glider Knowns have been corrected effective 02/16/24.