IAC Fall Board Meeting Summary

The IAC Board of Directors met at EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, WI on Friday, November 10
and 11, 2023. This is a brief summary of the decisions made at the meeting.

Contest Sanction Fee
The contest sanction fee is increasing from $55 per pilot to $65 per pilot to adjust for inflation.
The previous increase was over 10 years ago, and the actual inflation-adjustment amount
would be $75.

National Aerobatic Championships
By all accounts the 2023 Championships were a success. The board thanks Shad Coulson for his
outstanding service as Contest Director. The board decided that:

  • The 2024 National Aerobatic Championships will be held in Salina Kansas from
    September 22 to 27.
  • Shad Coulson will return as Contest Director.
  • Additional practice dates have been approved by the Salina Airport Authority.
  • Boundary judges will be used.
  • The 2024 IAC Advanced and Unlimited Glider National Championships will once again be
    held separately at Estrella Sailport in Maricopa, Arizona in late March.

Known Sequences
The board reviewed each Known Sequence Proposal presented by the Sequence Committee.
The following decisions were made:

  • Power Primary: unchanged from last year.
  • Power Sportsman: Adopted, except that the 2x4 in Figure 5 will be a half roll. 
  • Power Intermediate: Adopted.
  • Power Advanced: Adopted. 
  • Power Unlimited: Adopted. 
  • Glider Primary: Adopted. 
  • Glider Sportsman: Adopted. 
  • Glider Intermediate: Adopted. 
  • Glider Advanced: Adopted. 
  • Glider Unlimited: Adopted.

Find all 2024 sequence PDFs in this News Item: https://www.iac.org/news/2023-11-12-2024-sequences-approved 

Rule Proposals
The board congratulates the Rules Committee for a tidy and thorough presentation of the
proposals. The board reviewed each proposal and made the following decisions. Note the text
under consideration by the board was the text as proposed by the Rules Committee which does
not match the text proposed by the original submitter in all cases*.

2024-1 Rejected 2024-13 Rejected 2024-25 Rejected 2024-37 Rejected
2024-2 Rejected 2024-14 Adopted 2024-26 Rejected 2024-38 Rejected
2024-3 Adopted 2024-15 Rejected 2024-27 Rejected 2024-39 Rejected
2024-4 Adopted 2024-16 Adopted 2024-28 Rejected 2024-40 Adopted **
2024-5 Rejected 2024-17 Adopted 2024-29 Adopted 2024-41 Adopted
2024-6 Rejected 2024-18 Adopted 2024-30 Adopted 2024-42 Rejected
2024-7 Rejected 2024-19 Rejected 2024-31 Rejected 2024-43 Rejected
2024-8 Adopted 2024-20 Adopted 2024-32 Rejected 2024-44 Rejected
2024-9 Adopted 2024-21 Adopted 2024-33 Adopted 2024-45 Adopted
2024-10 Rejected 2024-22 Adopted 2024-34 Adopted 2024-46 Rejected
2024-11 Rejected 2024-23 Adopted 2024-35 Adopted  
2024-12 Rejected 2024-24 Adopted 2024-36 Adopted  

*See News Item for overview of Adopted Rule Changes. https://www.iac.org/news/2023-11-12-2024-rule-approved-proposals 
**2024-40 was adopted and amended by board for clarity.

Jim Bourke
IAC President
Fall 2023 IAC Board Meeting Results