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2021 Regonial Series contests -Southwest Region Update

April 5, 2021

AT A GLANCE: Southwest regional series standings after one contest - Estrella Classic

  Estrella Hammerhead      Coalinga           Akrofest          Duel Desert     





Matthew Kuczajad 80.37%

Richard Davis 79.752%

Nicholas Ahlen 77.61%


Shad Coulson 76.71%

Robert Gansrow 75.54%

Joel Bernal 74.10%


Sasa Marvin 87.99%

Alan Sosebee 78.65%

Jonathan Roe 71.31%


Jason Stephens 84.91%

Jim Bourke 79.06%






April 8, 2021

Hammerhead Roundup takes place in Borrego, CA - April 30- May 1. So far the registration is light, but more are registering daily. Ron Chadwick, last seen at the Estrella Classic as a volunteer, is headed over from  Arizona in his Pitts S2C to compete in Intermediate.  Three first time competitors from the 2020 Akrofest contest are coming back for more akro fun; Glen Lally, Kevin Smith and Cameron Koutz.  

Cameron won first place by a narrow margin in Primary at the 2020 Akrofest in Borrego flying a Pitts Special S-2C; 79.25% to  second place 79.19% scored by Don Milton in a Yak 52. Cameron is moving up to the Sportsman category for the Hammerhead. Cameron flies this beautiful Pitts S-2C (right) out of XL Aviation in Livermore, CA. "We are planning 10 (competitors) for Borrego'", said Mike Henderson owner at XL Aviation. . Good luck to Cameron and the other members of the XL Aviation Aerobatic Team!!

Photos below are from the 2020 Akrofest contest, which also took place in Borrego. Photography by Garett Woods











March 31, 2021

Congratulations to the organizers and all the competitors on a safe, fun and successful contest!  FINAL SCORES: More photos are being uploaded to the IAC 62 chapter archive gallery














Pictured left to right: Jason Stephens (1st place Unlimited), Jim Bourke (2nd place Unlimited), Dak Davis (2nd place Sportsman), Nick Ahlen (3rd place Sportsman) Sasa Marvin (1st place Advanced), Shad Coulsen (1st place Intermediate), Alan Sosebee (2nd place Advanced), Matthew Kuczajda (1st place Sportsman), Joel Bernal (3rd place Intermediate), Robert Gansrow (2nd place Intermediate), and Jonathan Roe (3rd place Advanced)

In Sportsman, it continued to be a tight competition between the top three contenders, Matthew Kusczajda (US Air Force), Dak Davis and Nick Ahlen. This was the first contest for Dak (Estrella Employee), and Nick (who came from Georgia). Final TOTAL: Matt 80.37%, Dak 79.72%, Nick 77.61%.

In Intermediate Shad Coulson (Estrella Employee) had a slow start finishing in 7th place in the Known sequence. He perked up in the Free when friends and relatives came to watch. He moved up to first place by winning both the Free and Unknown flights. Second place finisher Robert Gansrow (US Air Force) has competed in six contests since 2019. His last competition was a Clyde Cable Rocky Mt contest where he finished in first place. This is Joel Bernal's (US Air Force) fifth competition. He has previously placed third at the 2019 Clyde Cable and U.S. Natoinals in Sportman.

In the Advanced category, Sasa Marvin came out on top by a wide margin. (87.99% over second place 78.65%) Sasa placed third, as one of the members of the Italian Advanced Glilder Team, at the 15th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Madrid, SPain in 2012. The Italian team, led by first place finisher Luca Berossio won team gold.  Estrella second place finisher Alan Sosebee last competed at Clyde Cable in Intermediate placing third. Third place finisher Jonathan Roe mad a big jump from flying in Sportsman last year at the Clyde cable to this year flying Advanced.

Special thanks go out to Jason Stephens for hosting the contest at Estrella Sailport (AZ Soaring) and all the staff. Contest Director Gary Debaun laid all the ground work and organized the paperwork, acted as starter for the majority of the contest as well as flying the low lines and serving as mechanic. Thank you to Peggy Riedinger who acted as Chief judge for the whole contest and all of the judges, assistants and recorders. Lorrie Penner acted as scoring director and had the scores uploaded and posted immediately after each flight -always appreciated by the competitors who wait anxiously to see where they stand. 

Overall a great contest! Looking forward to 2022!


March 28, 2021

Another fantastic day at the Estrella Classic! We will finish up today (March 28) with Intermediate Free & Unknown, Advanced and Unlimited Unknowns and third flight for Sportsman. 

In Sportsman after two flights, Matt Kuczajda keeps first place over Dak Davis (AZSoaring employee) and first time competitor Nick Ahlen. Intermediate flies their Free first thing this morning and we will see if Joel Bernal can hang onto his lead over fellow cadet Robert Gransrow. Advanced competitor Sasa Marvin won a protest to re-fly the Known and has pulled into the lead after two flights.In Unlimited Jason Stephens continues his lead, but the gap narrowed during the Free Unknown when Jim Bourke's score was within 3% points of Jason's performance.

Scores are posted immediately after each flight here: | Contest photos: 










March 27, 2021 

Estrella Classic March 27. Ready for another round. On to the Frees. Scores from the Knowns are posted to the IAC website:






Left photo: Grading judge, Ben Harvey with assistant judgeNick Ahlen and recorder Darious Jansen. Center Photo:  Judge Jerry Riedinger with Assistant Jared Bachman and recorder Dak Davis. Right photo: udge Dan Unger with assistant Sean Moran and recorder Maria Norman


March 22, 2021

There are 22 pilots pre-registered for the Estrella Classic Glider Aerobatic Championship in Maricopa, AZ. This is the first IAC sanctioned glider-only contest in many years. There are three first-time competitors at this contest and two cross-over power pilots competing as glider pilots for the first time. We are also excited to welcome members of the U.S. Air Force aerobatic glider team!

Practice starts on Friday March 26. Contest dates are Saturday and Sunday, March 27 and 28. Final scores can be found online here when they are uploaded by the scoring director:


First time competitor, Ben Harvey (right) with Ben Mayes of Williams Soaring Center. 

Ben HareyPilot Profile.pdf                                                           

 Cadets from the US Air Force Academy particpate in the IAC Collegiate Series.

 See their Instagram video from the 2020 Clyde Cable Rocky Mountain Aerobatic Contest