U.S. Advanced Team Practicing hard in Hosin

The U.S. Advanced Team has been polishing up their flying in preparation for WAAC, which begins with arrival and registration on this Thursday, August 4 in Radom, Poland. Competition flights begin on Friday, August 5, along with the Opening Ceremonies. 

Coach, Nikolai Timofeev has been putting them through their paces in Hosin, Czech Republic. Some team members arrived with their planes as early as July 17. All of the planes are assembled and functioning well. Practices have been sporadic, with weather interruptions and various logistics matters. But the team is getting in good flights and brushing off the rust. Recent practice sessions consisted of the Free Known program in the morning, then brief and fly a very complicated Unknown. Most of the team members also did a third flight to work on their Unknown submission figure.

Below is a composite video of one of Craig Gifford’s flights.  This is one of many practice sessions.  Watch for more video of other team members' practice sessions and competition flights too.


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