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WAAC2016 Opening day and draw for order of flight

August 5 , 2016

Opening Ceremonies - Team USA!

Results from the Order of Flight drawing;
10-Craig, 18-Mitch, 21-Johnny, 33-Stan, 37-Foster, 39-Cameron, 44-Mark

The judges were setup and ready, but there was too much wind.

                                                      Photo by Peggy Riedinger


The team Travels to poland and time for some team photos

July 3-4, 2016

The team made is safely to Poland - those piloting the planes and those driving in the road armada! While the pilots were appealing to the security guards to let them off the air base, the teammates in the vechicles were grinding out the last leg.

Everyone was successfully registered and got in their familiarization flights. It wasn't without some challenges, but the team is well adapted to challenge at this point.

Last morning in Hosin.


USA TEAM MEMBERs practice hard in Hosin and take a day of rest

July 28-30, 2016

The team took off Sunday and put the planes away for the day. They moved out form the airport (apparently evicted to make room for a glider convention) and spent the night with actual air conditioning in Ceske Budejovice. Had some lunch on the town square and a bit of decompression before the final day of practice and relocation to Poland.

During their time in Hosin the team has had some fun visitors. Twice elementary school students have taken a field trip to watch their practice. One evening a couple came to with their photographer to take wedding pictures with, "the American planes".

The team had a good practice day on Thursday and the rain held off until they were finished for the day. The combination of Nik coaching and Marty (Flournoy) critiquing will be very beneficial to the team as they wrap up they practice camp.



USA team members wait out the weather - finally get in some practice

July 25-27, 2016

July 27 - Planes are flying today. Visibility not great and it is very humid. The team is managing to get in some practice around the clouds.


The planes were put away for the night and the team enjoyed an evening out. "The locals, after threatening to shoot us yesterday, are grilling and serenading us tonight with U.S. folks songs sung in Czech!"


The fog lifted in the afternoon, clouds replaced them however, challenging the team to keep their sequences low.

They ended up having a great afternoon of practice. The locals in Hosin continue to be as welcoming as always.  The food is beter than ever, and the beds... well, they suffice.

Unknown sequences were flown in the evening.

Cameron says, "Hi!" to everyone.



The USA Team was grounded by weather in the morning on July 25th. They filled in their time with post rotation briefing and video critque. Meanwhile, Coach Timofeev plotted something diabolical for the team to fly the next day.



USA team member's planes arrive in czech republic

July 17-19, 2016

Planes are just about ready to fly! Pilots arriving over the next couple days and then Coach Timofeev puts on the spit shine and polish.

The first airplane has arrived at port and the assembly crew picks up tomorrow. Then off to CZ for assembly and practice. We're ready!

What fun Greg and Rachel Panzl had yesterday, but through perseverance and a bit of hard work on the US side we got things sorted out, and THE PANZL HAULER HAS ARRIVED in Hosin.



planes traveling to waac

June, 2016

The Panzl is in the Freightliner and headed to port in Jacksonville Florida. Craig Gifford won't see it again until July in Hosin, Czech Republic. Tremendous thanks to Greg and Rachel Panzl for dropping EVERYTHING and getting the plane (and the truck!) serviced and loaded last week when we got surprised by shipping schedules, and to Fultron for driving it down to the South from Michigan. If it wasn't real before, it is now! Here we go...