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April 7, 2002

The Policy & Procedures Manual outlines the management policies and procedures for the leadership and administration of the International Aerobatic Club. The latest version of the P&P Manual is available for viewing on the Leadership page (member login required.)

March 17, 2002

Dear Advanced Pilots:

We have just completed the Spring IAC Board meeting in Chicago and I wanted to communicate with you, in an expeditious manner, Board decisions which may affect your planning with regard to participation in the up and coming US Advanced Team.

As you know, we had previously expressed our interest in holding the AWAC here in the United States in 2004. The Board has unanimously voted to withdraw that proposal. Considering the financial challenges we have been experiencing to fund this year's WAC, coupled with the additional negative pressure of tapping our...

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July 17, 2001

The International Aerobatic Club will retire its championship trophies at the annual member reception July 28, Saturday, evening at the IAC Aerobatic Center on the EAA convention grounds. The buffet starts at  6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Since the IAC championships were discontinued this past year, the IAC Championship (Fond du Lac) trophies will be formally retired and recognition will be given to all past trophy winners.

The trophies that will be retired...

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June 2, 2001

XXI World Aerobatic Championships

Burgos, Spain

June 19-29, 2001

Final Results and Official Standings





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May 16, 2001

By Dave Kujawa, Editor, Sport Aerobatics

Glenn Edward Frick, IAC Director and retired Air Force Colonel, passed away on May 16, due to complications from leukemia. He was 66. He is survived by his wife, Gracie Ann Frick, children, Steve E. Frick, Karin, L. Floyd, N. Mark Frick and Robin K. Frick; six grandchildren; and brothers, Norman and David Frick....

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February 28, 2001

If you didn't run right out and get your Unlimited Smooth Patch when the new IAC Rule Book was published --- too late! Appendix 5 of the 2001 Rule Book shows only three figures required for the Unlimited Achievement Award.  Sorry folks, not going to happen! When the new book was printed, the glider figures were accidentally printed over the top of the remaining list of Unlimited Power figures. If you have any intention of trying for the Unlimited patch this year or are a judge who might be asked to watch the patch attempt, be sure and add the following figures...

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