Check for Rescheduled Contests -September update

Due to Guidelines issued by the CDC for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) some contests are cancelling or rescheduling their events. Each hosting chapter reviews their state's local restrictions in determining the viability of holding their event. Please check the IAC Contest Calendar before you travel.

Updates from March 16 through September 29:



The Snowbird Classic has rescheduled their contest to March 2021.

The Early Bird Contest in Edna, Texas originally scheduled for April has been postponed indefinately. Check back on the contest calendar page for the rescheduled date.

The Wildwood AcroBlast was postponed. UPDATE: IAC 52 and 58 have joined forces to hold one contest in October. See the Kathy Jaffe Challenge/Wildwood Acroblast details.

Ben Lowell contest has moved to the last weekend in August.  Sucessfully completed! See results:



The Hammerhead Roundup (April contest) has been canceled in Borrego Springs.

Duel in the Desert, originally scheduled for the first weekend of May has canceled.

Lone Star Contest (May 14-17) is canceled.

MAC 80 Midwest Aerobatic Championships (June 26-28) is canceled.

Harold Neumann Barnstormer (June 5) has been canceled.

The Super D Tango (July 11) has been canceled.

The Yooper Looper Contest (July 24) has been canceled.

Doug Yost Challenge (Aug 8) has been canceled.

U.S. National Aerobatic Championships (Sept 20) has been canceled.

James Polk Open Invitational (August 29) has been canceled.

Tennessee Music Hwy Aerobatic Jam (August 29) has been canceled.

The Apple Cup (normally held in June) was rescheduled to September, but has now canceled.

The Green Mountain Aerobatic Contest normally held in July, rescheduled to October 2 has now canceled.

The Michigan Aerobatic Open which was rescheduled to September has now canceled

The Coalinga G fest has removed their contest from the IAC contest calendar. 

The Tequila Cup originally scheduled for November has now canceled.

The Mark Fullerton Memorial/Bear Creek Bash  rescheduled for October has now canceled.

The Ohio Aerobatic Open rescheduled to October 16-17 has now canceled. They have converted to Practice Days.

Sebring 81  November. 7-8 has canceled their contest, but converted the time to Practice Days.

The Giles Henderson Memorial Challenge, Salem Illinois has canceled their October contest.



Check back for updates. LP 9/29/20