Sebring 81 - CANCELED

Hello inverted flyers,

As much as I’m ready to get back to competing as everyone else is we will not be holding the Fall Sebring 2020 Competition, instead we will have a sweet practice . We are still getting the insurance for a practice Oct 31-Nov-8th, and I expect a great turn out for that and a ton of fun and learning like you would for a competition. More news to follow.

Why are we choosing a practice instead of a competition? We are canceling the competition because we don’t have enough demand/competitors to cover volunteer requirements (Mainly judges) or the costs of hosting a competition.

To have a competition we needed 28 competitors to break even, we got up to 19 competitors (Thank you to everyone who registered and/or responded to my emails and posts). Debated doing a competition on a budget by grilling ourselves, not getting golf-carts or honey buckets, prints on picture frames for plaques and ribbons, and most affordable T-Shirt option (Making them myself or using past years with a patch) we still don’t meet those costs because $75.00 out of each competitors registration fee goes to EAA insurance which leaves us with $900 to pay for everything else, so we started looking at how to cut costs from the $2000-5000 we normally spend for a competition week, I think it could be doable if people pitch in for the bbq/hotel pool & grill banquet and people are not fussy  about a printer/home made plaque even though we respect how much time and money goes into coming out. But we believe spending our time and money on an amazing competitions in 2021 would be better. 

For the volunteers, we had just enough people if everyone of the 19 people show up, with exception to judges for Advanced (3 of 4 of the judges coming fly Advanced) and there would be no boundary judges in any category. This issue is if just one person didn’t show we would not have the volunteer staff required for Sportsman or Advance. 

Holding a great practice is a lot more cost effective with a smaller group size, so that’s what we will put our time into. Amazing November Practice and Amazing 2021 Competitions!

On a side note, we will be voting for 2021 officers in November. If anyone is interested in President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer please let me know!

Keep flying fun stuff everyone!


Renee Brilhante

President, IAC 23


iacchapter23 [at]


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Airport Name: 

Sebring Regional Airport

Contact Info: 

Chris Rudd, CD 850-766-3756   Renee Brilhante 360-477-0121









Contest Dates: 

2020-11-07 to 2020-11-08

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Power Sportsman
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Power Unlimited
Glider Sportsman
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Thursday, September 17, 2020

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