2023 Board Election

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Wednesday June 28, 2023  through Tuesday July 25, 2023
Members may cast their votes using the secure online ballot (member login required) Vote here, voting closes July 25, 2023. Our Webmaster can provide any assistance needed.

A member may not vote in this election in person at the annual meeting; it must be done via electronic ballot.

A Presidential-appointed Ballot Certification Committee will tabulate the election results and announce the election outcome at the annual meeting of members on July 28, 2023, at the IAC Annual Membership meeting will be held in the Vicki Cruse Educational Pavilion at the IAC Aerobatic Center at 8:30am during EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Vice President:  Doug Bartlett | Rob Holland

Treasurer: Jordan Ashley

Directors: Robert ArmstrongMike Gallaway | Phillip GraggBrittanee Lincoln | Peggy Riedinger | |Nathan Ruedy 



I have been a member of the IAC for 20 years and presently a director and a President Emeritus for the club.  I started at the chapter level in Chicago with Chapter 1.  It was there that I ran contests in Aurora and Peru, Illinois, and served the local chapter as a treasurer.  I later served as its chapter president.

When asked to become active at the national level, I ran for the position as treasurer and served in that position for three years.  At the untimely passing of then-President Vicki Cruse, I stepped into the position of IAC President serving the balance of her term and was re-elected to serve two additional years.  After stepping away from the leadership role for several years, I was asked by the Board of Directors in 2018 to be the vice president in support of President Robert Armstrong.  I was reelected to that position by the members and served two additional years.  I served as the Contest Director for the U.S. National Championships in 2007 and 2021.  I also supported the 2022 Championships this past year.

I worked my way up the ranks as a competition pilot from Sportsman to Unlimited, but those days have passed with my last competition being in 2018.  I am passionate about grassroots aerobatics and understand it is the foundation of our club.  Further, I believe safety is job number one at the IAC.  The P&P’s, rules and historic protocols have made the club a cohesive and safe organization over its first 50 years.  I know that the way to provide future world class competition pilots is to encourage fun and safe activities along with competition at the local levels.  The stronger we make the base of the pyramid, the stronger the top will be.  Both levels are important to our success.

The high-end competition pilots and our national teams are well represented on the board by the abundance of unlimited pilots and airshow pilots now holding director and leadership positions.  The aerobatic enthusiasts and grassroots members (over 90% of our members) are still not sufficiently represented on our board resulting in a widening gap between the top of the IAC pyramid and the base of the club.  Last year’s elections started to correct that issue with the election of more grassroots activists.  I am asking for your support of not just me but all the grassroots candidates to complete the rebalancing of the club.  Normally only about 200 members vote for our representatives.  Let’s get the 3,500+ grassroots members involved and voting this year!  Thank you for your support.



Members of the International Aerobatic Club,
I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for re-election as Vice President of our esteemed organization. I am deeply committed to supporting and growing all aspects of our sport, from recreational and upset training, to competition aerobatics from the grassroots level all the way up to our national teams and everything in between.  Having had the privilege to serve as your Vice President for the past term, I am eager to continue contributing to the advancement of our shared passion for aerobatics.
One of the core principles I firmly believe in is that it takes all kinds of individuals to create a strong and engaging club. From beginner pilots to seasoned experts, and from dedicated volunteers to everyone in between. Each member brings unique value and ideas to our organization. By embracing and nurturing this diverse range of talents and perspectives, we can ensure that our club continues to flourish and evolve.
Throughout my time in the aerobatics community, I have been actively involved in numerous events and initiatives, constantly striving to promote the sport on both local and global levels. My extensive background includes competing in national and international aerobatic competitions, performing in airshows, and providing aerobatic training,  upset training and coaching to pilots. As an active member of the International Aerobatic Club, I have dedicated myself to not only supporting grassroots and our teams but also fostering an inclusive environment for all aerobatics enthusiasts.
Supporting all aspects of aerobatics, I am committed to elevating the visibility of our sport through innovative marketing and social media efforts, ensuring that the broader public appreciates the talent and dedication of our community.
As your Vice President, I will continue to be an accessible and open-minded leader who values the opinions and ideas of every member. I firmly believe that our collective experiences and perspectives are vital in shaping the future of our club and the sport of aerobatics.
Thank you for considering my candidacy for re-election as Vice President. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving you and our club, ensuring that the International Aerobatic Club remains a vibrant, supportive, and inclusive community for all who share our love for the thrill of aerobatics.


Hello! My name is Jordan Ashley, and I have been privileged to serve as IAC’s Treasurer for the past 3 years, serving my first year leading the IAC financially through the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last two years, I have introduced many P&P revisions to bring greater depth and transparency to P&P 207 and the financial position of the IAC. I am now running for my 2nd full term as Treasurer in the upcoming election.
I have been a dedicated volunteer for the IAC since 2009 (EAA since 2008), when I began volunteering with Jim Taylor parking airplanes during AirVenture. In 2011 when Jim retired, I moved into the role of Aircraft Coordination Chairman for AirVenture. Beginning in 2022, I was unanimously elected as AirVenture Convention Chair, leading the IAC’s presence at AirVenture. I am pleased to report that 2022 was one of the most successful years for the IAC in recent history. In the fall of 2022, I was again unanimously elected to serve as AirVenture Convention Chair in 2023. I am looking forward to making AirVenture 2023 even better. Additionally, I have served as Chairman of the Collegiate Program since 2015, which has grown by over 33% in that time.
The IAC has been an important influence on my life personally and professionally. I was an active competitor in the Midwest Region with Chapter 124 during my time as a student at Purdue University and am currently a member of Chapter 12 having recently moved to Colorado to be the Director of Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum’s Exploration of Flight Campus. While at Purdue, I became a CFI and spent much of my time providing aerobatic instruction to students. I am looking forward to getting back into teaching aerobatics in Colorado and rejoining the contest season with Chapter 12 very soon.
2022 has not been easy financially speaking for the organization due to many administrative hurdles within EAA. The organization has also faced unprecedented levels of inflation and material costs that have been reported in IAC financial reports as well as national news over the last year. Despite this, I remain committed to the financial health and stability of the organization while continuing to improve our relationship with the EAA to ensure a strong overall financial future for the organization.
Thank you for your consideration and your vote of support in this year’s election.




I find this process of writing a bio to introduce myself for a director position a bit humbling. As a past President, I always have speaking privileges at all IAC meetings. However, it has been rather disturbing at some of the actions taken by the Board of Directors since my departure. Speaking without a vote has been frustrating. My desire for the IAC to prosper will need for me to have a vote again. As a longtime member I find the need to bring historical information back to the IAC board to help prevent repeating issues from the past.

I have been active on the Board as a board member, Vice President, and President. I am willing to return as a director to represent the members of the IAC with no personal goals. I have been on 10 world teams. I have a collection of CIVA flight medals that I am proud of. I have enjoyed the view from the awards podium. I have been the National Champion in two categories. I have been inducted into the EAA IAC Hall of Fame. I enjoyed the past and now want an IAC that responds to the members, not concerned with just a few.

You have the power of the vote. With four board positions to fill and the Vice President position, you have an opportunity to return the Board to a proper functioning membership guided organization.

I ask for one of your director votes. Please look at the other candidates as well. There are others willing to give their time to you as well to benefit the entire membership of the IAC. Not all actions result in sudden correction, however this election cycle has great promise for the future.




 Fellow IAC members, I am officially running for a seat on the board of directors. My motivation stems from a 25-year history with the IAC and a passion for this amazing sport. I vow to listen to the concerns of our members and to promote this club from grass roots to the USA Teams.

 I joined the IAC in 1997 after the purchase of my first plane, a Citabria 7ECA. I began like everyone, flying the primary category and learning from my fellow IAC members. I was told back then that the club offers the best education and training for those that want to pursue their dream of aerobatic flight and boy was that true. Since I joined the club, I have moved up through the categories, one step at a time, ultimately flying Unlimited.

 I have been fortunate to participate in 22 US National Championships, 4 World Championships (2 Advanced, 2 Unlimited) ,  judged 3 World Championships and currently I am your CIVA Delegate representing the USA.

 I respect every member and will do anything I can to help each, and every member pursue their dreams. I would be honored to serve you as a member of the BOD.



I have been a member of the IAC for 20 years and served on the Government Relations Committee from 2008-2016, and as the central and co-west coast regional representative of the committee during that time.

I am running because I do not believe that the current board proportionally or adequately represents the full spectrum of interests and values of an organization that must support both team efforts, but critically, grass roots competitors (including flight schools and colleges), chapters and local contests.  While it is important that IAC continue to support US Team efforts, I believe the foundational strength of the organization lay in the strength of its membership base.

Member feedback and opportunities for engagement are important hallmarks of a healthy organization.  My values are consistent with the goals of greater clarity and consistency in how we solicit, evaluate, and follow the organization’s own rules. Leadership must be an act of service to the whole.

I am particularly concerned with the future of aerobatic competition with regard to the large fleet of aerobatic airplanes that have long stood as standard bearers of lower categories.

As I wrote the board in a letter last year regarding proposed changes to the club rules.

“As a grass roots organization, larger participation and inclusiveness begs for high participation amongst as many aircraft types as possible, including well established legacy aircraft. 

Let me be blunt…the club cannot hang its future on half-million-dollar airplanes.  Increase in participation must be built as EAA was built on the passion and pursuit of dreams by people of more moderate means.  There are literally hundreds of Pitts types, Great Lakes, Vans, Stardusters, Acrodusters, Skybolts waiting to be rediscovered and flown.” 

I’ve been fortunate each of the last two years to compete in 3 different IAC regions, and at the US Nationals.  I have enjoyed flying at some of the largest and smallest regional contests in the country, and I have the goal of flying a contest in each of the IAC regions. 

I flew my first contest in a rented Decathlon, previously owned an S-1S, and currently own an S-2A.  I have flown a variety of ACA aircraft, Extras, Great Lakes, Pitts variants, One Design, and aerobatic gliders.  I competed from 2009-2012 and started up again in 2021. I am privileged to be able to fly with so many talented pilots that find passion in the IAC.

I am Associate Dean and Professor of Law at a San Diego law school. In 2005-2006 I served on a committee to oversee an overhaul to the bi-laws and SOPs at the Tucson Soaring Club, which created clearer governance structure, and enhanced safety and membership engagement.

Please check out my articles in Sport Aerobatics:

Czech Out: Flying the Grand Dame of Modern Aerobatic Competition. (3 parts) March 2020; April 2020; May 2020.

Weekend with a Champion. August 2015. 

Down to the Wire: A Flying Wire Emergency. June 2010.

It’s Time for Your First Contest: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love Primary. July 2009.

 Thank you for your support!




My name is Brittanee Lincoln, I have served on the IAC Board of Directors for the past 2 years and look forward to the opportunity to serve the membership going forward.

I have been a member of the IAC and flying aerobatics for 5 years. I began competing in 2019 in Primary in a Super Decathlon and am now flying an Extra in Advanced. I have competed in over 20 regional contests and the past 2 U.S. National contests. I volunteer as a judge and chief judge assistant both at regional and the U.S. National contests. I served as the IAC Chapter 38 - Northern California President for 4 years. I value the importance of our IAC pilots further developing their skills and being recognized and volunteered as the IAC Achievement Awards Co-Chair for 2 years. I am still an active competitor and a member of the 2023 US Advanced Aerobatic Team.

I am very passionate about this sport and the IAC. Among many things, the IAC offers a format for camaraderie, education, and opportunity to improve one’s pilot skills with a focus on safety. I believe we can continue to further boost membership and increase participation through mentorship, sharing our sport and our passion for it and supporting new and upcoming competitors.

I am asking for your vote as I want to continue to serve and represent the membership. Through attending regional contests across the country as well as the U.S. Nationals I feel that I am actively connected to the sport and our members. I communicate well and openly with our members and listen to their needs. I solicit input and feedback from chapters and readily share their viewpoints with the board. Thank you for your vote and your support.



It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the membership of the IAC for the past six years, and I look forward to continuing as a director. 

My path to the Board of Directors was not the typical one. I joined the IAC back in the early 2000’s as a non-flying volunteer, and I support and encourage other non-flying volunteers. Volunteers make our organization run. Our many activities, especially contests, cannot occur without them.
I have served as Judge or Chief Judge at many contests across the country, judging both power and gliders, as well as at the U.S. Nationals. I was awarded the Robert L. Heuer Award for Judging Excellence in 2015, the Harold E. Neumann Award for Outstanding Contribution as a Chief Judge in 2018, and the Paul Tissandier Diploma, an international award for serving the cause of Sporting Aviation, in 2022.
On the local level, I recently served as Washington IAC Chapter 67’s President for eight years and am currently the Secretary. Our chapter is very active, hosting two contests and an aerobatic camp each year in Ephrata, Washington, and co-hosting the Can-Am Championship in Cut Bank, Montana. My husband and I are also members of Chapter 77 in Oregon and Chapter 62 in Southern Arizona.
Internationally, I’ve been the U.S. Assistant Judge at several World Aerobatic Championships, judged at the British Senior Nationals (Advanced and Unlimited, not old pilots...), and in 2022 served as the U.S. Judge at the World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Issodun, France. We were surprised to learn that there hadn’t been a U.S. Judge at a World Glider Aerobatic Championship in almost 20 years, and I’m really happy to help get the U.S. back in the game. I’m Judge #8 (out of seven - pending confirmation) for the World Advanced Aerobatic Championship in Jean, NV, this fall. Even if I’m ultimately not chosen to be a Judge, I’ll be there volunteering wherever they need me.
Thanks for reading this far...
If re-elected to the Board of Directors, I will continue to stand for all those spouses and significant others who for support their pilots by volunteering. We all know that contests don’t happen without volunteers. Whether they are on the judging line or running into town to pick up bottles of water and lunches, either sitting out in the hot sun all day or cooped up in an office doing paperwork, all volunteers are important and should know that they are valued.


My name is Nathan Ruedy and I’m running for a director position with the IAC.

I learned to fly at the University of North Dakota.  In my 3rd year there I decided to branch out from the commercial aviation syllabus and pursue a tailwheel endorsement, because all the coolest planes are tailwheels.  As luck would have it, the normal trainer, a piper cub, had ground looped just as the ground school course ended. This allowed me to do training in a super decathlon.  Needless to say, we didn’t just practice landings on grass strips.  I was hooked.

After college I went to work for a flight school that is now called Lake Elmo Aero, just outside the twin cities in Minnesota.  I instructed for a brief period that turned into 17 years.  During that time, we got certified as a part 141 flight school and grew to 12 airplanes and 10 instructors.  While running the flight school, I started flying for my first of what is now 4 different airlines where I have been in a multitude of roles from first officer and pilot recruiter, through sim instructor and check airman. 

The aerobatic bug never left me so finally in 2015 I bought the best plane that has ever been produced, my 1992 American Champion Decathlon.  It is still teaching me every time I fly it.  I have been active in the IAC for 8 years and have competed in both Sportsman and Intermediate. I am also a current regional judge. In 2021 I had the privilege of making it to 5 separate contests spanning from Sawyer, MI to Coalinga, CA, and along the way met some of the best people, from every walk of life, involved in this amazing sport, or hobby, or whatever you make it. My most recent contest put me in 3rd place in intermediate at the US National Championships.

I promote the IAC with everything that I do, whether it’s teaching my instructors spins and UPRT techniques or hosting judges' school for our local chapter that includes the UND aerobatic team.  I am now the contest director for the same contest that got me my start in Spencer, IA.

As an IAC Director, I will engage with the membership I represent through emails, phone calls and visits. I will be transparent, and I will listen. I recognize that my ideas are not always right, but by surrounding myself with the knowledge and experience of other IAC members and the board of directors, I will help guide the IAC in the direction you want it to go.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and I look forward to losing to you in Advanced someday soon.