Unlimited Team - 2015 - Video

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Rob Holland - four minute free programe

Enjoy the entire Gold Medal winning flight - congratulations Rob!


Martin Sonka's Four Minute Freestyle -  Silver Medal Flight


Castor Fantoba's Four Minute Freestyle - Bronze Medal Flight




August 29 - Four Minute Program and the closing ceremonies

The wrap up video posted by the organizers highlighting the four minute programme, medal

presentations, a bit of the airshow and the final closing ceremonies.




AUGUST 28 - 2ND FREE UNKNOWN PROGRAME. weather decides.

Flight Director, Emmauel Foulon discribes the tense atmosphere as the pilots wait for the decision

to continue the 2nd Free Unknown Programe after only two flights are interrupted by low clouds.

Finally President of the Jury, Nick Buckenham announces, "Very sorry, but that's the end of the day."



august 27 - the role of judges and the chief judge

Bernard Courtois gives an overview of the qualities of the grading judges and John Gaillard speaks

about the role of the chief judge and gives a snyopsis of the aerobatic box.



august 26 - behind the scenes, coaching or not

Eric Vazeille speaks about the French team's approach to directed coaching and Florian Berger discusses

the German team's community non-coaching style.



August 25 - Unknown sequence construction

Featuring the pilot briefing, look for familiar faces, a discussion of the process for constructing

the Free Unknowns.



August 24 - its all about the wind...

A short video in which the director of the airport, Mark Bottemine, discusses and shows

the effects of the high winds on Monday.



Pilot Portraits
















AUGUST 23 - Sunday Recap



French pilot, Melanie Astles discusses

the Free Programe, ramp shots of the crowd

attracted to the event, Philippe Flautre speaks

about his enviable position posting the next

competitor's number high atop his perch

overlooking the action and the Finance Minister

of France, Michel Sapin, expresses his

appreciation of the sport and the citizens of

Chateauroux coming together to enjoy this

international event.







AUGUST 22 - flight analysis

Goody Thomas talks about his first flight and Martin Sonka gives some critque and insight

to Petr Kopfstein's practice flight of Figures 2 and 3 of the Known sequence.


Post by the WAC2015 organizers.


August 21 - US Unlimited Known Dancing

Dance the Dance.

Commonly referred to as The Dance, pilots

fly their sequence in their mind while tracing

out the maneuvers on foot.

Melissa Pemberton and Ben Freelove take it

to a whole new level - even in formation!

Do you know your sequence well enough to Dance it?






Opening Day Ceremonies

Video recap of the Opening Ceremonies posted by the organizers;


Additional footage from Chateauroux Metropole



Checking in with Team USA at the Opening Ceremonies, in Chateauroux, France


summary of the 28th World Championships

in aerobatics in Châteauroux

A video preview from the WAC2015 organizers.



What is it like to get coaching from

a world-class title-winning coach?

August 17, 2015

Listen in on a few seconds of video as Coco Bessiere guides Jeff Boerboon in his afternoon practice.

See if you can spot the subtleties that must be perfected to compete at the world level.




"Sebring: The Story of the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team", a film by Ted Snow, features Team Captain Goody Thomas and Team Member Mark Nowosielski discussing flying for the USA in this world competition.