New Director Appointed

The IAC Board of Directors has voted to fill the Director position vacated by Michael Steveson with A. J. Hefel of Wichita, Kansas. Michael is undergoing some surgery soon and will take several weeks to recover. He felt he could not fairly and adequately represent the membership while going through surgery and the resulting recovery and elected to leave the Board. Michael Steveson has been a valuable Director and has spent countless hours working on our teams’ behalf over the years and will be missed.

A. J. was a candidate for election to the Board this year and his resume was published on the website. A former Chapter President and Contest Director, A. J. is a pilot for Delta Airlines and competed this year in the Advanced category in the Judy Mono Sport N666BJ at the Lone Star contest. He is IAC #23752 and joined IAC in May 1996.

Please congratulate A.J. on his position with the IAC Board of Directors if you have the opportunity.