WAAC 2016 Opening Day

The Advanced Aerobatic Team made it to Poland safely. Since their arrival yesterday they have checked in and registered for WAAC and had their familarization flights.

Today, August 5, was the start of the event. Unfortunately a common complaint in just about every World Championship - the weather. At the scheduled time the judges were setup and ready to go this morning at 10:00am, but the winds were out of limits. When they do get flying tomorrow, results can be found here:

Team USA results from the Order of Flight drawing;
10-Craig, 18-Mitch, 21-Johnny, 33-Stan, 37-Foster, 39-Cameron, 44-Mark






















Best wishes to the Team! Go USA!

Keep up-to date on all of the developments here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/US-Advanced-Aerobatic-Team
Team website: https://www.iac.org/2016-adv-team-news-updates
Team Blog: http://www.teamusaero.com/
WAAC website: http://waac2016.pl/en/