Celebrate Aerobatics!


"On the fourth Saturday each June, aerobatic enthusiasts from around the world take time off for International Aerobatics Day — a day to celebrate, promote, experience, and share the joys of aerobatic flight", Jim Bourke wrote in his article "Flying for Fun!" in Mentor magazine.

The first "Aerobatics Day" celebration took place in 2021. "The first International Aerobatics Day was a profound success, far more than my dreams. I had deliberately kept the day unstructured — the only rule was that people should have fun and take photos or videos and post them. People put this lack of definition as an opportunity to get creative: They gave people rides, they did some formation flying, they choreographed flights to music, they had contests, they held practice sessions, and they had lots of fun doing all of it. The IAC got a lot of great content out of it, and we hope that each year can be even bigger than the year before," Jim said.

Join in the fun! Check out the scheduled events: www.iac.org/international-aerobatics-day