Important Changes to Contest Rules and Operations for 2023

During the 2023 Rule Change process, a number of rules were proposed and approved that affect the way chapters run a contest. To make sure that all our contests run in accordance with IAC policies, below are some important changes for all contest organizers and participants to be aware of.
1. Boundary judges are now optional: Contest Directors do not have to apply for a Rule Deviation for this issue. Instead, they can simply inform competitors that they are exercising this option. As with any Rule Deviation, inform competitors before they arrive and cover it in the Program Briefing.
2. New Tech Inspection Process: Competitors have two forms to fill out instead of one, but the content is about the same as the old form.
a. Pilot Document Review form: covers all of the pilot’s paperwork.
b. Aircraft Review Form: covers the aircraft.
These forms must be witnessed by a volunteer, but that volunteer does not have to serve on the tech committee or as a registrar; anyone can witness the forms. The Aircraft Review Form must be filled out by each competitor (even when aircraft are shared). Competitors must also repeat the steps listed in the Aircraft Review Form prior to every flight at the event (this includes official practice days where insurance is in place). Starters will verbally confirm that competitors have done so prior to every flight.
3. New Scoresheets: the IAC will now allow three different styles of Scoresheets at all contests:
a. IAC A/B/C forms. These are the ones we are all used to.
b. CIVA L/R forms. These are the international scoresheets.
c. IAC L/R forms. These are similar to the CIVA L/R forms, but with our own logos and some info removed.
For organizers - the IAC A/B/C forms will still be used for the IAC Knowns and Unknowns when building judge clipboards at a contest. Pilots may submit any one of the three forms for their Freestyle. As always competitors will bring a full set (multiple copies) of their frees and present them to the registrar.
4. Safety Checks: over the years there have been several changes to what is allowed or not allowed during a safety check, with the recent trend being to allow more flexibility so that competitors can feel safe and secure before their Performance. Please make sure your Chief Judges review the Safety Check rules and follow them.
Full description will be in the 2023 Rule Book in Section 14.3 Safety Check soon.
5. Regional/National Judges are no more: our judge policies are now streamlined, and the terms will be Grading, Senior Grading, and Chief Judge. Judge Chair, DJ Molny has revised Policy and Procedure section 214. IAC members may access this P&P, by logging into the IAC website and navigating to the Policy and Procedure Manual. 
I look forward to celebrating aerobatics with all of you in 2023. Thanks for volunteering your time and please reach out if I can be of any assistance.
Jim Bourke, IAC President 
president [at]