2021 Collegiate Program Winners Announced

IAC Collegiate Program Chair, Jordan Ashley, offers his congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Collegiate Championships. The collegiate eagle trophies will be presented to the recipients at the IAC Member Gathering in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at AirVenture on Friday, July 29, 2022. The results of the championships have been verified and are as follows:

Team Championships:

1st: Metropolitan State University of Denver - with a total score of 9770.53 out of 11600.00 possible points /  84.23%

2nd: U.S. Air Force Academy - with a total score of 7999.82 out of 9810.00 possible points /  81.55%

3rd: University of North Dakota - with a total score of 6047.67 out of 7530.00 possible points /  80.31% 









1st: Metropolitan State University of Denver                         2nd: U.S. Air Force Academy                                       3rd:  University of North Dakota                

Individual Championships:

1st: Emerson Beinhauer from the University of Colorado - 9516.03 out of 11250.00 possible points / 84.59% - Emerson competed in 7 contests in 2021.   

2nd: Ryan Tierney - MSU Denver - 9469.64 out of 11250.00 possible points / 84.17% - This is Ryan's second year with the MSU Aerobatic Team

3rd: Roger Austin Belleau - MSU Denver -14299.93 out of 17860.00 possible points / 80.07% - Austin has been competing since 2019 where he was the first-place Primary winner at the U.S. Nationals.









1st: Emerson Beinhauer                             2nd: Ryan Tierney                      3rd: Roger (Austin) Belleau

The collegiate competition program is intended to increase the flying safety and encourage interest in aerobatics among college-age students. It is the intent of this program to sharpen pilot skills in the categories where they can be the most rewarded in terms of pilot ability and collegiate recognition. The program is also intended to be a springboard for competitors to continue their pursuit of aerobatics upon leaving the collegiate environment.

The two awards serve to recognize skill and proficiency for the collegiate aerobatic competitor. The Collegiate National Championship Team Award recognizes the highest-scoring U.S. Collegiate Team. The Individual Collegiate National Champion Award recognizes the top three individual collegiate competitors in Sportsman or higher category. To qualify, a competitor must be a full-time undergraduate student in an accredited college or vocational program. Teams may be formed by three or more competitors from the same school, one of which must fly in the Sportsman category.

More information on the program can be found on IAC Collegiate Program webpage.