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Every month IAC's e-newsletter, In the Loop, includes exclusive articles which are posted online for the enjoyment of IAC members and non-members alike. This month enjoy the follow on article, Aerobatic Trim 2, about setting pitch trim for aerobatics. The article presents comments from current aerobatic instructors, coaches, and competitors as they responded to the September, 2020 Sport Aerobatics trim article

Among those responding are: John Morrissey – Advanced competitor, aerobatic coach, test pilot, combat pilot; Michael Lents – Assistant Professor – Aviation, UND, Master CFI – Aerobatic; Rob Holland – 9-Time Unlimited US National Champion and 5-Time World 4 Minute Freestyle Champion; Steve Johnson – Advanced competitor - US and Int'l, CFI, National and World aerobatic judge; and Ron Schreck - Airshow Pilot, Intermediate competitor, military and airline pilot.

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