2020 Contest Season Reminders for Organizers

Hello IAC Contest Directors and Organizers,

The weather is warming up here in Oshkosh and I know many of you are gearing up for your 2020 contests. Spring is definitely getting closer, and with that, contest season. I want to make you aware of a few things as you complete planning—

1. If you plan on having a Legacy category at your contest, you will need to add an entry to the current contest listing. You can check out the details at https://www.iac.org/news/2020-03-01-legacy-category-continues-in-2020

2. New this year! Before pilots can fly into the box, even on a practice day, they must sign any and all waivers, complete the tech inspection, and submit a signed registration form. Our insurance carrier has requested that we require these items. These requirements may be further discussed at our IAC spring board meeting.

      a. Within two weeks after the contest, please submit to HQ via scanning and email, faxing or USPS, copies of all waivers, entry forms, and tech inspections. This is also a new requirement for liability reasons.  We are also requiring that each chapter keep copies of these records for at least 3 years.

      b. Not new, but still required - Protest Forms. If protests were filed, a copy of each protest along with the outcome must accompany the results.

      c. Not new, but still required - Changed Unknowns.  If an unknown was changed, a copy of the new unknown and reason for modification must be sent.

All Contest forms may be found online in the CD Packet: https://www.iac.org/contest-director-packet

3. We would also like to remind all our contest directors and scoring directors to check your data very carefully before entering it into JaSPer. If data is not entered accurately, it can take a great deal of time and effort by our IAC volunteers to track down and fix it before we can publish reliable contest results.

4. When you apply for your contest insurance, please be sure to include the date(s) for your practice days. A reminder: the EAA Risk Management office normally doesn’t send out the insurance certificate until just a few weeks before your contest. If you need to know if your insurance application has been accepted before then, please contact me and I’ll find out for you.

I hope you all have fun and safe contests this year! Please let me know if you have any questions or require more information.

Blue skies, Steve 

Stephen Kurtzahn,  IAC #441074  EAA #1353819
Executive Director, International Aerobatic Club
EAA—The Spirit of Aviation 
Phone: 920.426.6574
See you at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2020 - July 20 – 26