Legacy Category continues in 2020

The Legacy category, which had been provisional,and established at the 2019 Spring Board Meeting, concluded its first contest season in 2019. While it was not widely utilized, it was decided at the 2019 Fall Board meeting that it should continue into the 2020 contest season with an eye toward including it in our U.S. Nationals. Everyone likes the idea of the former competitors returning to both regional contests and Nationals and competing among themselves.

Proposed Guidelines:
  • Participating pilots in the Legacy category cannot be competing in any other category besides Intermediate at a contest and must declare at Registration that they are competing as a Legacy pilot.
  • The first flight for Legacy pilots will be considered a Qualification flight and as such, normal rules apply.
  • Intermediate sequence and flights (Known, Free, Unknown) and those sequences shall be flown and judged by current rules. Legacy pilots are encouraged to have a Free to showcase their talents and all current rules for creating an Intermediate Free shall apply.
  • The floor of the Legacy category box shall be 656’ AGL.
  • Due to the lower box limit than would normally be flown in Intermediate category, these Legacy flights will be flown concurrent and intermingled with the Advanced category flights or, if no Advanced category is being flown, they will compete as a stand-alone category.
  • The Contest Director must request permission from the Sanctioning Committee to add the additional category to their contest. Use the "Supplemental / Waiver of Rules" area on the contest listing page to request adding the Legacy category.

The Legacy category is intended to be a fun category designed to bring back our "legacy" pilots who no longer compete in Advanced or Unlimited, having reached the top of their game. As such, awards selected by the host chapters are encouraged to be fun, light-hearted and deemed appropriate by the Contest Director.

At the end of 2019, Tony and Julia Wood competed in the Legacy category at a Texas contest. Julia said, "From a competitor’s standpoint, it seemed to go seamless flying with the Advanced Category. It was easy and fun for us and the judge’s seemed to have no problem grading us along with the Advanced pilots.  All the other competitors accepted the new category and were pleased that we weren’t competing against them in Intermediate!  I think it’s a very positive move and hope it survives!

Important set up information for Contest officials; When you enter your contest on the IAC Contest Listing page: https://www.iac.org/contests and intend to operate the Legacy category you will be creating two contest listings; 1) "XYZ Aerobatic Challenge", and  2) "XYZ Aerobatic Challenge - Legacy".

Additional note; For those of you who also have glider operations, you should create a separate contest listing for it; "XYZ Aerobatic Challenge - Glider".

Because of the multiple calendar entries, those individuals doing the scoring will need to download two or three sets of Registration Data and run two or three copies of JaSPer concurrently. We have been running two currently; Power and Glider. if you add Legacy you will then have three copies of JaSPer.

If you have any questions about multiple contest listing, our webmaster Brennon York indicated he is happy to assist. webmaster [at] iac.org .