It's Time! U.S. National Aerobatic Championships

On behalf of IAC President Robert Armstrong and Contest Director Ron Schreck we are looking forward to your arrival in Salina for the 2019 Championships!  Please find attached Bulletin No. 3 which incorporates all of the information we have to date.  There is a revision page to point out what has changed. See the annexes for arrival procedures, what to bring, and who our judges are for this year!  

Some important notes:

  1. We have a new info app to get messages out during the contest.  See page 17 in the bulletin.  Please use Ctrl + click https://slkt.iO/3i6P and sign up!  THIS WILL REPLACE TWITTER.  We think it is easy to use.
  2. Gary DeBaun will  manage the practice days on Thursday(Unofficial) and Friday & Saturday.  Please check in with Gary at least 60 minutes before your practice slot.  We will use the arrival and holing procedures outlined in the bulletin.  Gary will need you in the appropriate HOLD 5 MINUTES before your practice time begins. The official practice schedule has been updated online:
  3. You will need a completed tech inspection before you fly on Thursday or thereafter.
  4. Check the bulletin for where to park your plane.
  5. The contest hangar opens on Thursday so you will need to make your own arrangements before Thursday.  AV Flight is our partner FBO.  They are in the bulletin.

The website will have the current versions of these documents posted for reference.  We recommend you print your own copy at home.

We look forward to a great contest with 100 pilots now registered to compete.   This is of course our first time in Salina so we will have some inevitable kinks.  If there is something you need help with, suggestions, or any other issues/questions, please come find me, call me at 720 250 8442, or use this email address.  Please let me know if this is your first contest or first nationals.

Thank you.

Be safe,


Duncan Koerbel

Assistant CD


duncindenver [at]

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