Nationals 2019 - Special Rules and Procedures

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[collapsed title=Contest Jury]

Don't hesitate to approach a Jury member with questions or issues; they're at the contest to make sure that the rules are applied properly, that the contest runs smoothly, and to solve problems, great and small. To that end, please talk with a Jury member before filing a protest!

Should you need a Jury member at the contest but can't find one, call the Jury Chairman. Find a list of jury members on this site's Officials page.


[collapsed title=Free Program]

Please bring 10 A forms and 20 each of your B and C forms of your Freestyle to Registration.

Your Form A must include the Super Family number with each figure. Note: Super Family numbers are automatically determined and printed by selecting the appropriate options when printing your forms in either the OpenAero or Aresti/Visio software.


[collapsed title=Fuel Form]

Visit AvFlight to register and provide credit card information for fuel purchases. If paying by check or cash, a credit card on file is required as back up. Receipts can be obtained at the end of the contest in the AvFlight office.


[collapsed title=Late Arrivals and Missed Briefings]

A competitor arriving late but in time to register, be tech inspected and briefed, and ready to fly before the completion of his or her category's Known Program will be permitted entry per rule 3.6.2.

All other late arrivals will be permitted entry per 3.6.2 unless all category flight programs are completed.

A competitor arriving after his or her category's Known Program is complete may be required to fly that Known Program, regardless of whether the late arrival was beyond the competitor's control.

A special briefing fee or penalty (per 4.6.1) will apply to any competitor who misses the first general briefing, or any Flight Program briefing on the day of the flight.


[collapsed title=Important Documents]


[collapsed title=Rules]

The 2019 IAC Official Contest Rules apply. Rules are supplemented by Section 500 of the IAC Policy and Procedures (P&P) Manual.  In the event of a conflict, the P&P takes precedence.


[collapsed title=Scoring]

The JaSPer Scoring program will be used at the 2019 Nationals by confirmed motion at the IAC spring board meeting. MOTION 2019-2 : to waive P&P Section 222.3.2. and to utilize the JaSPer scoring program at 2019 US Nationals as long as we get our judges qualified for International competition by using the raw data to produce Judge Rank Index. 


[collapsed title=U.S. Aerobatic Team Aspirants - Advanced Power]

If you aspire to a position on the U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team:

  • Before the contest begins, you must declare as a team aspirant and read, sign and return the Code of Conduct and Declaration/Pilot Agreements. Flying for the team will not be permitted until these documents are signed and returned to the Nationals Registration office. These documents are available for download at the bottom of this page.
  • Each team aspirant must be eligible to hold an FAI Sporting License issued by the National Aeronautic Association. However, you need not hold a Sporting License at the Nationals.
  • Team selection for the 2020 Advanced Team will be determined by the seven top finishers and the eight will be by appointment by confirmed motion at the IAC spring board meeting. MOTION 2019-4 : At the 2019 US Nationals to leave one team member slot open at the end of team selection. The remaining team member will be determined by the vote of the team. (Seven team members by score and one by appointment.)


[collapsed title=Free Unknown Programs for Advanced and Unlimited Power Categories]

Advanced and Unlimited Competitors in the Power Category should come prepared to submit Free Unknown figures in accordance with the rules provided in IAC P&P 503. Follow the link or open from the bottom of this page.


[collapsed title=Cancellation Policy]

Competitors who preregister and pay via PayPal but withdraw before the beginning of the first competition flight of their category will receive a full refund minus the PayPal fees.