Judges! The 2018 R&C Exam Is Online!

IAC Judges start their year by passing the Revalidation & Currency Exam.  The 2018 R&C Exam may be found by selecting "Programs", then "Judges", then "Exams".  This year the exam includes video in questions.  Please let each video load and then watch carefully and critically as one figure of the flying from the 2017 Nationals is presented.

Passing score is 80%.  The exam is best done with a copy of the IAC Official Contest Rules open.  Since no major rules changes affecting figure grading are implemented for 2018, this year's R&C Exam can be done with the 2017 rulebook.  As always, each question asks for the best answer although sometimes more than one partly correct answer is offered.

The best time to do the exam and achieve a passing score is now, early in the season.  Historically, the later in the competition season an individual waits to do the exam, the less likely a passing score is achieved.

If a Judge has been active, grading the required flights and/or attending a Judges School as required, after the R&C is passed the IAC web site's Current Judges List is updated automatically.

Thanks for all of your effort and enthusiasm!   Looking forward to seeing your name on the Current Judges List!