3rd & 4th Quarter Achievement Awards Posted

Congratulations to the individuals below who have applied for and received Achievement Awards from flying in a non-contest environment (Smooth Achievement) or at contest (Stars Achievement) in the Third and Fourth Quarter of 2016. Congratulations on all the achievements!

Of special note - we have two pilots who have achieved the ALL TEN - Jim Bourke and Hiroyasu Endo. Great job guys!

As a reminder, First time Primary or Sportsman Stars or Smooth Award Applicant will receive their first award patch for free. Applicants for Glider or Power Primary or Sportsman Achievement Awards should fill out an application and only send payment for additional patches, pins or decals. The first patch will be shipped at no charge.
Guidelines and Applications: https://www.iac.org/legacy/achievement-awards

Third/Fourth Quarter 2016


13 Terry Pitts                        Primary Smooth

21 Terry Pitts                       Sportsman Smooth

16 Terry Pitts                       Intermediate Smooth

2 Guy Acheson                   Advanced Stars - US Nationals

5 Mallory B. Lynch              Unlimited Smooth



1206 Steve Giere                      Primary Smooth - Free first patch

1207 Luke Jacobson                 Primary Smooth - Free first patch

1208 Jim Bourke                       Primary Smooth

1209 Anthony Oshinuga            Primary Smooth

1210 Benjamin W. Karabian      Primary Smooth

1211 Janeen Gaul                     Primary Smooth - Free first patch

1212 Hiroyasu Endo                 Primary Smooth

1213 James Watson                 Primary Smooth

1214 James Watso                   Primary Smooth

1215 Heather Kelly                   Primary Smooth - Free first patch

739 Thomas Baxter                  Primary Stars - Bear Creek/Free first patch

740 Max Langham                   Primary Stars - Union Ciyt/ Free first patch

916 Jim Bourke                       Sportsman  Smooth

917 Robert Nickerson Plumb  Sportsman Smooth

918 ANthony Oshinuga           Sportsman Smooth

919 Hiroyasu Endo                 Sportsman Smooth

920 Ben Chesebro                  Sportsman Smooth

1545 Peter Santan                  Sportsman Stars - East Coast/Warrenton

1546 Nathan Luecke               Sportsman Stars - East Coast/Warrenton

1547 Amy Marie Yu                Sportsman Stars - Keene Fall Classic

1548 Diana Neuman              Sportsman Stars - Apple Cup

510 JIm Bourke                      Intermediate Smooth

511 Hiroyasu Endo                 Intermediate Smooth

739 Ronald Mann                   Intermediate Stars - Kathy Jaffe

740 Steven Bennett                Intermediate Stars - Apple Cup

741 Michael Neuman              Intermediate Stars - Apple Cup

286 Jim Bourke                      Advanced Smooth

287 Hiroyasu Endo                 Advanced Smooth

339 AJ Hefel                           Advanced Stars - Lonestar

340 Matthew Dunfee              Advanced Stars - Borrego

197 Jim Bourke                      Unlimited Smooth

198 Hiroyasu Endo                Unlimited Smooth

170 Jim Bourke                      ALL FIVE

171 Hiroyasu Endo                ALL FIVE

39 Jim Bourke                        ALL TEN

40 Hiroyasu Endo                  ALL TEN