IAC and EAA AirVenture -- Only a Month Away

IAC's officers, directors, staff, and volunteers are now in the final phase of preparation for the much-anticipated EAA AirVenture which begins on July 20th. 

Highlight of the event for IAC members will be the 70th Anniversary Pitts Exhibit which will be on display in the IAC Pavilion. Sixteen vertical panels along with over 60 photos and text will tell the history of the Pitts Special and the pilots who flew it to fame and glory. Just to the south and east of the IAC Pavilion will be the parking areas for the 77 Pitts Specials which have pre-registered so far for the event.  A special display termed the "Pitts Circle" will feature examples of the various models of Pitts which were designed and built over the years.  In addition to the exhibit and dozens of Pitts airplanes, IAC has organized a series of forums and seminars which will run throughout the week, many of which will focus on the Pitts aircraft. 

The final version of the IAC Pavilion Plan is now available for download below.  Also included for download is the EAA/FAA NOTAM on arrival and departure procedures, and a sample "IAC" sign which is to be used by pilots arriving and which should be shown to EAA Parking personnel so you can be directed to IAC/Pitts parking slots.

We encourage all IAC'ers attending the event to download the Plan document.  There is a lot of information in this booklet and information on the "IAC Gathering" -- food, drink, and conversation for all members in the EAA's Nature Center.

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