Nationals 2017 - Organizer's Notes

The intent of these notes are to address the general IAC membership on the organizational aspects of the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships.  The intent is to publish a Bulletin once each month starting in January to inform members of progress leading up to our National Contest in September.  Please feel free to contact the b747inst [at] (subject: US%20Nationals) (CD )for any suggestions or comments.

This page will also serve as a call for help in various positions that may need to be filled, funds that may be needed and any other general "please help us issues".


Organizers Notes

April 2017

Practice Slots

Submitted by Gary DeBaun on Tues, 2017-04-18 10:58am

We are having a few issues with the new registration pages... I know some of you are asking about "Practice Slots”.

Our practice days are: 20, 21, 22, from 0730 - 1730 and on the 23rd from 0730-0930. The 20th and 21st is open practice - for a time slot you will see the box monitor for a slot.

For practice on the 22nd and 23nd you will pick a slot when you pre-register... however, I am not sure yet if that option will be available this year - SO... call me at 612-810-6783 or email me at B747Inst at and reserve thru me... if the registration page works I will transfer your slot time to it.



March 2017

Practice September 20/21 - Boxmaster Needed

Submitted by Gary DeBaun

If you are planning on coming early and practicing in the box - September 20/21 are "unofficial" practice days... the box will be open, first come, first served.  However, before you fly in the box, you must sign the waiver, get a technical inspection and find yourself a BOX MONITOR.  No practice flights in the box will be allowed withoug a box monitor....  make your plans accordanly.   If anyone would like to volunteer to be Box monitor for the 20/21 practice please notify the CD.


Looking for Sponsors to fund daily Volunteer Lunches

As we do every year, we are looking for sponsors to fund our Volunteer Lunches (45 lunches per day).  If you would like to sponsor one day of lunches for our hard-working volunteers, you can do so for $250.00.  You will get your name on the Sponsor Banners and a shout-out at the opening cerimonies - and some other goodies (to be determined).  Email me if you are interested - B747Inst [at]


Trailers at the U.S. Nationals

If you plan on bringing (or renting) a trailer/motorhome to the U.S. Nationals this year, we will be using Audry's Park.  The fee is $25.00 per night for full hook-ups.  Please contact Jill Schumacher (EAA Campground Manager) at 920-426-6134 to reserve your spot.  Payment will also be made thru Jill.

If you want to rent a trailer/motorhome you will have to contact the local trailer/motorhome rentals in OSH (I believe there are three of them) - I have checked prices and you would be looking at around $1000 for the week, depending on what unit you want.


Handheld Radios Needed

Once again, we are soliciting folks for hand-held radio transceivers for use at the Nationals.  We need 8 total.  There will be a sign in/out form this year to better control the use of these radios.  If you bring one (or two) for us to use, please also bring their chargers.  At the end of the day we will sign them all back in and make sure they are charged for the next day.  Chris DeBaun will be in charge of monitoring the radios this year.  They will not be lost.  Email me if you can supply us a hand-held transceiver radio..  B747Inst [at]


Pilots - KOSH does NOT have an LAOA like KYGI. Therefore, there is no unofficial practice days. The waiver does not come into play until WED September 20. Official practice days are Wed, Sept 20, Thursday Sept 21 and Friday, September 22. You may also practice on SAT September 23 until 10:30am. Practice slot signups will be on a first come-first serve basis WED and THRU. Friday and Saturday will be handled via the Pre-registration site (not up yet) on our website.

Approximate location of the aerobatic box at KOSH.