In the Loop - Achievement Award Report

Achievement Awards Report – Fall 2023 Board Meeting
     Dave Watson, Achievement Awards Chair
     Achievement Awards activities Oct 2, 2022 to Oct 15. 2023
     Applications Received – 64 
     Certificates issued – 96


   Craig Gifford (pictured left), applied for and received all the Smooth and Star Awards, Primary through Unlimited including the All Five Smooth and ALL Ten Awards.
     Matt Dunfee (pictured center) earned the Unlimited Power Star in his first ever Unlimited contest! An incredible achievement. 
     Joe Garner (pictured right) achieved the Glider Advanced Star at the Estrella National Championships making him only the seventh person in history of the awards to achieve this award.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was rolled out early in the year, 
but participation has been limited. Only five members have 
applied for the Award at this time. Unless unforeseen issues 
prevent it, Dave Watson will be the first member to (apply for) 
achieve Lifetime Platinum status of 110 contests flown after his participation at the 2023 WAAC. 

Plans to bring more awareness with SA and In the Loop articles over the winter are in process.