Sebring Practice Days

Hello inverted flyers,

We will be having a Practice instead of the competition November 6-8th at Sebring, KSEF, with the goal to get as much, if not more, learning, social enjoyment, and flying as a competition. 
We will have a number of  pilots and coaches to get you all the attention you want. We are going to divide up into the following groups and each group will have at least one coach that will go through ground lessons and flight lessons. They will be on the ground during those flight lessons but if you're new to the box there will be other pilots, like me, free to be safety pilot.
Primary and Sportsman
If you're interested, please reply with what day(s) you plan to attend. If this weekend doesn't work, we have the box insured and reserved from October 31-November 8th but there will not be spotters or coaches there all week, so if you want to fly one of those other days of the week, let me know and we can get you briefed and have someone as safety for you on the ground. 
Hangars, vehicles, and Hotel Seven are available all at KSEF for multi day stays at reduced rates. I can help coordinate those with you, or if you call and let them know you are with the IAC/Aerobatics Club.
Happy Flying,  
Renee Brilhante, President 
 IAC 23 360-477-0121 iacchapter23 [at]

A Practice Day in August 2020. Photo by Chris Magon


Dates and Times: 

Friday, November 6, 2020 - 08:00 to Sunday, November 8, 2020 - 16:00

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